7 Different Types of Photography: Find Out Your Style

different types of photography

There are many different types of photography that you should know if you are new in this field. When you know the types of photography, you might be able to figure out which type suits you best.

In this article, Dropicts will share with you some popular types of photography that people usually do. Some of them might be able to be a great source of income if you want to become a professional photographer.

What are the Types of Photography?

Below, you will find 7 different types of photography. Find out what kind of photography you want to master here:

1. Landscape Photography

The first type of photography that people like to do is landscape photography. Landscape photography is the most popular type of photography for beginners. It is easy to take landscape photography and there are a lot of spots to take landscape pictures.

2. Food Photography

The next type of photography that many people love is food photography. This type of photography doesn’t require many items because you can just simply use the camera phone.

To capture a good food picture, you might want to get enough light from an additional source such as LED lighting. Also, you need to adjust the composition of the table to make the food picture look tasty and of course, mouth-watering.

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3. Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is also one of the common types of photography that everyone can do. Of course, as a photographer, you need to achieve more skill in portrait photography and make it looks professional.

The main focus of portrait photography usually is the poses, close-ups, and expressions. You can also add some property to the portrait photoshoot session, as long as it suits the main concept for the project.

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4. Macro Photography

One of the hardest types of photography is macro photography. It is quite challenging, but also interesting. If you like to overcome new challenges, try macro photography.

All you have to do is equip yourself with a macro lens and tripod. As for the starter, you can try to capture the raindrop on an object such as a leaf, table, etc.

5. Commercial Photography

If commercial photography. You need to follow what is the client’s need and come up with any ideas that can boost the selling. For example, if you get a client who owns a restaurant, you need to take a picture of their food and make it looks tasty so people will come and buy the products.

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6. Fashion Photography

Another professional photography that is in high demand nowadays is fashion photography. To do fashion photography, you need to understand that the main focus of this is the outfit or any fashion product related. That’s why you need to find a simple background and make the outfit stand out in the picture.

7. Event Photography

The last type of photography you can try is event photography such as weddings, sweet 17 parties, and so on. This type of photography can be a great source of income as a professional photographer but you need to be keen on any important moment because that’s the main point of the event photography, capturing the moment.

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