21 Different Types of Photography: Find Out Your Style

different types of photography

There are many different types of photography that you should know if you are new in this field. When you know the types of photography, you might be able to figure out which type suits you best.

In this article, Dropicts will share with you some popular types of photography that people usually do. Some of them might be able to be a great source of income if you want to become a professional photographer.

What are the Types of Photography?

Below, you will find 7 different types of photography. Find out what kind of photography you want to master here:

1. Landscape Photography

The first type of photography that people like to do is landscape photography. Landscape photography is the most popular type of photography for beginners. It is easy to take landscape photography and there are a lot of spots to take landscape pictures.

2. Food Photography

The next type of photography that many people love is food photography. This type of photography doesn’t require many items because you can just simply use the camera phone.

To capture a good food picture, you might want to get enough light from an additional source such as LED lighting. Also, you need to adjust the composition of the table to make the food picture look tasty and of course, mouth-watering.

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3. Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is also one of the common types of photography that everyone can do. Of course, as a photographer, you need to achieve more skill in portrait photography and make it looks professional.

The main focus of portrait photography usually is the poses, close-ups, and expressions. You can also add some property to the portrait photoshoot session, as long as it suits the main concept for the project.

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4. Macro Photography

One of the hardest types of photography is macro photography. It is quite challenging, but also interesting. If you like to overcome new challenges, try macro photography.

All you have to do is equip yourself with a macro lens and tripod. As for the starter, you can try to capture the raindrop on an object such as a leaf, table, etc.

5. Commercial Photography

If commercial photography. You need to follow what is the client’s need and come up with any ideas that can boost the selling. For example, if you get a client who owns a restaurant, you need to take a picture of their food and make it looks tasty so people will come and buy the products.

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6. Fashion Photography

Another professional photography that is in high demand nowadays is fashion photography. To do fashion photography, you need to understand that the main focus of this is the outfit or any fashion product related. That’s why you need to find a simple background and make the outfit stand out in the picture.

7. Event Photography

The last type of photography you can try is event photography such as weddings, sweet 17 parties, and so on. This type of photography can be a great source of income as a professional photographer but you need to be keen on any important moment because that’s the main point of the event photography, capturing the moment.

8. Fine Art Photography

Fine art photography is probably one of the most abstract areas of photography.

This field of photography is in stark contrast to, for example, journalism photography which aims to represent reality. Fine art photography is a field of photography that combines photography and the conceptual process.

Capturing the subject well is not the main goal of this field of photography. What this type of photography is trying to highlight is the feeling and concept of the images captured.

You might think that’s what all areas of photography are trying to do. One of the main distinguishing features of this type of photography is that generally the results of the photography have the impression of a painting or other fine art.

9. Wildlife Photography

As the name implies, this wildlife photography aims to take pictures of animals in their natural nature; wild nature.

Because of the practice, this field of photography can be the most challenging field. Not infrequently you have to equip yourself with knowledge beyond photography to be able to explore the wild well.

In addition, wildlife photography also often requires very specific equipment, especially telephoto lenses to be able to take pictures from afar.

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Apart from photography equipment, you will also need other equipment to help you navigate the wilderness and stay there while you take pictures.

10. Still Life Photography

Still life photography is a beginner-friendly field. You may even have done it without realizing it.

Simply put, still life photography is a field of photography that aims to take pictures of inanimate objects.

These objects that you use can later define other subfields.

For example, you can take a picture of a product that then becomes its own branch; product photography.

You can also try food photography which is one of the most popular branches of still life photography along with product photography.

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You also subconsciously see and use products from this field of photography. Stock photography is one of the results of still life photography.

11. Documentary Photography

Documentary photography is a field of photography that tries to tell the sequence or chronology of an event. The results of this field are closely related to historical events or have significant historical value.

The focus of documentary photography is on everyday events. However, this field of photography can also focus on more serious issues, such as social issues.

12. Architectural Photography

Architectural photography is a field of photography that emphasizes composition. Of course, you should also do the same in other areas of photography.

However, in architectural photography, you will spend more time observing your surroundings and figuring out how to capture the perfect image.

Architectural photography generally uses specialized lenses such as tilt and shift lenses to add a creative touch.

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13. Sports Photography

Sports photography has 2 varieties; action-packed and relaxing photography.

The action-packed category includes photography in sports such as football, boxing, racing, and other sports full of fast-paced movement.

For the relaxed category, you can find relaxing exercises, such as Yoga.

Each type of category certainly has its own needs. For example, in an action-packed sport, you will need a telephoto lens that will allow you to shoot from a safe distance.

14. Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is photography that deals with the whole series of wedding events. This field of photography includes family photography, portrait photography, and even aerial photography.

You can also combine wedding photography with black and white photography to add a creative touch. For equipment, what you need will depend on the type of photography you will be doing. But generally, you will need a photobooth.

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15. Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography is a type of photography that aims to take pictures of properties or buildings that will be sold or advertised.

This field of photography forces you to understand good lighting techniques so that the property you take pictures of will look extraordinary.

Real estate photography also includes interior photography where you take pictures of the inside of the house.

16. Street Photography

As the name implies, street photography is a type of photography that takes the main subject from the street.

Due to its broad definition, this field of photography has various related sub-fields, such as architectural and candid photography.

This field of photography, also known as urban photography, can be a place for you to experiment and learn to take good pictures.

Since the subject of street photography tends to be constantly changing and moving, you can train your sensitivity to find interesting subjects and points of view quickly.

17. Pet Photography

Pet photography is a field of portrait photography. The difference is, if you take pictures of humans in portrait photography, in pet photography, you take pictures of your favorite animal.

The equipment you need will depend on the location where you will be doing the photography session. If you plan to take pictures outdoors, make sure you have a lighting device, such as a reflector, to prevent overexposure or underexposure.

18. Drone Photography

Drone photography or also commonly called aerial photography is photography that is carried out with assistive devices such as, but not limited to, helicopters, planes, and drones.

The aim of this field of photography is to create an abstract or realistic landscape representation of an area

19. Forced Perspective Photography

Forced photography is a unique field of photography. In this field of photography, a photographer must be able to find the most creative point of view, which generally results in a subject appearing larger or two different subjects appearing to be one.

Forced perspective photography is quite flexible and you can combine it with other areas of photography.

20. Infrared Photography

This type of photography utilizes infrared light. Infrared rays will then enter the camera sensor and block other light from entering.

Generally, you need special filters or use image editing software to be able to do this type of photography.

21. Night Photography

Night photography is a field of photography that refers to all shooting at night. To do so, you will need special settings on your camera.

This field of photography also includes long-exposure photography and time lapses.

You can also do light painting by using light in less bright areas.

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Those are some types of photography that you can use as a guide. Whether you want to start a photography career or just want to learn photography in depth, understanding the different types of photography is very important. By understanding each type that exists, you can choose the type of photography that suits your skills and equipment.

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