5 Night Photography Tips to Upgrade Your Skills

night photography tips

Every photographer should know these night photography tips. Night photography can be one of the most interesting yet mesmerizing to be seen. But, everyone should have known that night photography is not easy. It is not simple. You can either get an unseen picture because of the dark, or it can be blurry because you can’t get the focus. Especially if your goal is to capture a full moon picture. You need a lot of practice, feel, and some knowledge about how to do it. To fulfill your knowledge in night photography, we have prepared 5 tips for you that can be easily learned. 


Essential Night Photography Tips Every Photographer Needs to Learn

Then, what are these 5-night photography tips you need to know? Check these tips below!


1. Use Manual Mode

When you use a DSLR camera, manual mode is your friend. Every professional photographer most of the time uses manual mode. But, for night photography, there are some reasons why. If you use automatic mode at night, the camera can’t find the focus because there is not much light. But when you use manual mode, you can set the setting from the ISO to aperture. 


2. Set the ISO

During the night photography session, ISO should be set around 800. But, if you have a night photoshoot in a very dark place or spot, you might want to set it around 100. You should also mind the noise that can affect the result later on.

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3. Put Shutter Speed on Slow

The essential knowledge about night photography is to put your shutter speed on slow speed. This is needed because the camera needs to be able to capture everything in the dark. The darker the place, the slower your shutter speed needs to be set. For starters, you can set it to 10 seconds. But if the place too dark, increase the shutter speed to 30 seconds.


4. Bring Your Tripod

Now you know that the shutter speed needs to be slow, right? That is why you need the tripod to keep the camera steady. Once you set the shutter speed on low speed, then once you move just a second, your picture will look awful. You barely can get any object right in the frame. You need a steady tripod (not a human tripod) to hold your camera for at least 30 seconds to get a perfect picture.


5. Choose a Wide Aperture

The last thing you need to know is about the aperture. Aperture size is defined by how much light enters your camera lens. For night photography, we recommend you to use the lens handle for at least f/2.8 or f/4. You can adjust the aperture depending on how dark is it. The darker it is, the wider aperture you need.


Now, you can try to hunt night photography. It is fun to hunt the picture during the night because of the beautiful light in the middle of the dark. A night photoshoot also can be the best session to sharpen your photography skill. But, for additional notes, you may have to do some photo retouching after that. 

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