5 Composition Techniques in Photography to Improve Your Skills

5 Composition Techniques in Photography to Improve Your Skills

Every photographer needs to know about composition techniques in photography. Why do you need to know about it? Can’t you just go out to the street and take a picture as you wish? In photography, composition is needed not just to make your picture looks good but also to arrange some elements in a scene to make it look better within the frame. To get great pictures, you can try the following techniques below that we prepared only for you.


Composition Techniques in Photography You Need to Know

There are a lot of techniques in photography. But, you can start with these 5 basic composition techniques:


1. Centred Composition

The first basic composition technique that you might aware of is centered composition. You need to find the symmetry within the frame. It can be symmetrical horizontally or vertically. The most usual picture that using this composition is the picture of stairs or lake that can give a mirror reflection.


2. Rule of Thirds 

Have you ever heard about the rule of thirds? This technique is the most popular and easiest one you can try. The rule of thirds means you have to find the important elements within the 9 equal rectangles in a frame. These 9 equal rectangles are divided into 3 across and 3 down lines that can be found in your camera frame. 

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3. Frame Within the Frame

Have you ever tried to take a picture using the window or door as your frame? This technique is called with frame within the frame. It gives your picture a sense of depth. You can try to find any frame from any kind of object and it doesn’t have to be entirely surrounding the scene.


4. Golden Ration

The golden ratio is a very complex technique but once you get a feel with it, you will get a great picture. For the first, you need to know the basic rule of thirds. Then, you draw a spiral that looks like a snail’s shell. That spiral can give you guidance on how the scene should flow. This spiral is also called Fibonacci Spiral and you can try to find the formula for this technique. 

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5. Rule of Space

When you try to take a picture of something moving, like a boat on the river, you need to understand the rule of space. This technique can make whoever sees your picture get into your realm of imagination. You have to capture the boat also space where is it going. With that kind of capture, people can imagine that the boat is going to ‘that’ way. If the boat is going the right way, you can put the boat on the very left of your frame so it can give more space in the middle to the right. That’s how you make a picture ‘moves’ in people’s minds.

That’s all you need to know about 5 composition techniques in photography that can improve your photo. Feel free to reach us if you have any requests for the picture’s editing to save your time. Dropicts has some services that might help you in photo editing.

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