8 Food Photography Props to Make It Professionally


Food photography might looks simple to the untrained eyes. However, this field of photography actually has its own complexities. You will be able to find a variety of food photography styles and the equipment you need to have an interesting photo shoot session, especially food photography props.

Food photography props are an important part of food photography. Not only will it make your drawings interesting, props can also make you have your own food photography style.

Every food photographer has their own favorite food photography props. To find yours, here are some food photography props that you can try using in your photo shoot.

What Are The Best Food Props To Add Your Prop Collection?

Using too many props is a bad idea, but there’s no such thing as having too many props. For food photographers, props have more or less the same status as their photography equipment which can be of great value.

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On the internet, you can find various collections of prop ideas that you can copy for inspiration. However, never swallow other people’s ideas because you will only produce the same image or style.

Here are some food property that you can try to find the right food photography prop for yourself.

There are a total of seven props for food photography that you can choose from. What props are suitable for making food photos shine and can attract the attention of potential consumers too?

1. Cutting board

Cutting boards are available in various forms. From the standard ones, to having the appearance of ceramic luxury homes. The use of cutting boards provides a different visual appearance. Especially those that contrast with the color of the food placed on it.

In addition, cutting boards with a marble appearance are also suitable for use when you have a dark background.

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2. Wooden Cutting Board

In addition to using a cutting board, you can also choose a wooden cutting board. As the name implies, you can get the feel of nature and forest from this photo board with a wooden look. It even looks prettier when compared to a cutting board without a wood texture.

3. Parchment Paper

Ever heard of parchment paper? Usually this special paper is used to bake cakes so they don’t stick to the pan. But it can also be used as food photo props. The wrinkled texture displayed by parchment paper provides dynamic lines in your photo composition. Interesting right?

4. Marble

If you have unused marble tiles, you can also use them for food photo props. Each marble ceramic has its own uniqueness in terms of design. Even your food can look more expensive and classy.

5. Napkin

White or neutral napkins can be your choice because they provide a different visual composition. Because the napkin color selection tends to be neutral, the effect can make food look naturally brighter and stunning.

6. White Bowls or Plates

When it comes to interesting bowls and plates, there are actually quite a few available today. These bowls and plates have an authentic design, some even have a Japanese style.

When choosing bowls and plates, make sure you choose white and not made of glass.

Why are you not advised to use glass materials? Because the glass will reflect light which will then make it difficult for you in some situations.

White is also the perfect color for a backdrop. With white, the focus will be on the object of the photo, in this case the food, and not on other things or the backdrop.

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7. Utensils

Everyone definitely needs utensils to eat, whether spoon or fork. You can put utensils into small food containers, such as nuts. The utensils you choose should have a different surface design. For example, wood or there is a funny picture. If it’s just silver like most utensils, then the photo looks very ordinary.

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8. Stoneware Plates

Stoneware can also be a great surface that you can rely on to give a natural impression.

The natural material can provide a very strong impression. The more unique motives or chaos, then the impression will be stronger.

Those are some food photography props that you can try to find the right one for yourself. You can find lots of great props on the internet. But, make sure you don’t imitate blindly which can make you lose your unique and distinctive touch.

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