7 Food Photography Props to Make It Professionally

food photography props

There are various food photography props that can make your photos look more professional. It can even make the food product look stunning compared to competitors, especially to your potential customers.

Making food photography does require the support of props. You can’t just display photos of food or drinks without any props. These are some props for food photography to make it professionally. Check it now!


7 Food Photography Props

There are a total of seven props for food photography that you can choose from. What props are suitable for making food photos shine and can attract the attention of potential consumers too?


1. Cutting board

Cutting boards are available in various forms. From the standard ones, to having the appearance of ceramic luxury homes. The use of cutting boards provides a different visual appearance. Especially those that contrast with the color of the food placed on it.

In addition, cutting boards with a marble appearance are also suitable for use when you have a dark background.

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2. Wooden Photo Board

In addition to using a cutting board, you can also choose a wooden photo board. As the name implies, you can get the feel of nature and forest from this photo board with a wooden look. It even looks prettier when compared to a photo board without a wood texture.


3. Parchment Paper

Ever heard of parchment paper? Usually this special paper is used to bake cakes so they don’t stick to the pan. But it can also be used as food photo props. The wrinkled texture displayed by parchment paper provides dynamic lines in your photo composition. Interesting right?


4. Marble

If you have unused marble tiles, you can also use them for food photo props. Each marble ceramic has its own uniqueness in terms of design. Even your food can look more expensive and classy.


5. Napkin

White or neutral napkins can be your choice because they provide a different visual composition. Because the napkin color selection tends to be neutral, the effect can make food look naturally brighter and stunning. 

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6. Bowls or Plates

When it comes to interesting bowls and plates, there are actually quite a few available today. These bowls and plates have an authentic design, some even have a Japanese style.

But to still highlight your food, choose bowls or plates with wooden surfaces, clear glass, or white. Much more versatile to still highlight your food.


7. Utensils

Everyone definitely needs utensils to eat, whether spoon or fork. You can put utensils into small food containers, such as nuts. The utensils you choose should have a different surface design. For example, wood or there is a funny picture. If it’s just silver like most utensils, then the photo looks very ordinary.

Of the many props that can be used for food photography, which one would you choose? You can also make photos look professional with the help of Dropicts which provides professional photo retouching services support. Dropicts is here for you with services for professional products and businesses. Call us right now!

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