Editorial Photoshoot Ideas You Need to Know

editorial photoshoot ideas

There are some editorial photoshoot ideas you need to know, especially if you are a professional photographer. With the editorial photoshoot, you can try to make a picture that can speak to the audience, even louder than the narrative text.

In this article, Dropicts will share with you some editorial photoshoot ideas you can follow and adjust based on your needs. But, do you know what an editorial photoshoot? Let’s find out what an editorial photoshoot is first through the information below.

What is Editorial Photoshoot?

The editorial photoshoot is the image you will take for publication purposes. The picture will come along with some text which can be a story behind the picture or any text related to the picture. The text will describe everything that can be defined by a single picture or some pictures.

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You yourself must have seen editorial images many times without realizing it. Editorial photography examples include event photos, illustrations, travel pictures not related to a particular brand, and fashion shots.

Editorial photography is needed for newspapers, articles, textbooks, documentaries, and many more. That’s why you need to deeply understand the topic or the story you want to give through the picture. With a deep understanding, you might be able to take a picture where it can speak loud to the viewer.

Editorial photography is often associated with fashion photography. However, the scope of this field of photography is not limited to fashion alone.

You can find editorial photography with themes of still life, food, events, and portrait photography.

At first glance, this field of photography is similar to the commercial field, where the commercial field begins to apply the storytelling style of editorial photography.

However, the two have quite clear differences. Commercial photography can be thought of as a form of advertising photography where the main objective is to sell a product or service.

Meanwhile, editorial photography is not tied to a brand; The goal of editorial photography is to tell stories through images.

This storytelling approach was later adapted by commercial photography.

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What Are Some Editorial Photography Ideas You Can Try?

To do the editorial photoshoot, there are some ideas you can follow based on what do you need to prepare for this photoshoot. There are 4 editorial photoshoot ideas you can find below:

1. Pick Up a Good Vibes Location

Location can determine the story behind your picture. The location should be befitting the main story of the content. You need to gather references about the location that can give some insight about what you should do or take. When you get enough information, the creativity will come along through your mind and who knows that you might be able to get a masterpiece in this photoshoot?

2. Accentuate the Makeup and Hair

If you use a model, you might need to accentuate the makeup and hair that is suitable for the main story of the photoshoot. You can just let the hair and makeup artist be creative with what they want to do, as long as it suits the concept. The hair and makeup can deepen the story of your picture and you might be able to make people in awe when they see the picture.

3. Add Some Poses

The model can also add some poses. They can make a simple and natural pose, not too much because the focus of this photoshoot is to create a story.

Like other fields of photography, of course, editorial photography offers photographers freedom of expression. However, there are some best practices you should know about modeling poses in photography editorials.

Generally, a model is not recommended to smile. To be able to convey the emotions or feelings desired by the photographer, a model is required to tell a story with his eyes and posture.

Therefore, the next common practice is that models are advised to use their arms or other body parts to make expressions.

Apart from the best practices above, a photographer still has freedom of expression. One of them is by breaking down boundaries.

Editorial photography generally doesn’t do close-up shots or take a wide perspective. To find your creative touch, try to break your boundaries by finding your own point of view.

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4. Utilize Reflection

The reflection effect does sound cliché. But, if you can use it properly, you can get really stunning editorial images.

You can use puddles to achieve this effect. When combined with dark colors, you can get a natural double exposure effect that can amaze anyone.

5. Find Natural Light Geometry

Natural lighting can indeed backfire. However, if you can make use of it, natural light is the best light source.

One creative editorial photography idea that you can try is to find natural light geometry. You must be sensitive to objects or buildings around you that can break down and shape natural light into beautiful shapes.

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6. Follow the Trends

There are some trends that you can try for this editorial photoshoot. Nowadays, photographers like to take pictures with a floral theme and social distancing, which carry a strong message.

How To Shoot Editorial Style Photography?

Editorial photographers has their own way of preparing for their shooting session.

To help prepare for a photo session, you can use the following guide on how to prepare for an editorial photography photo session.

1. Define Your Photography Editorial Concept

To get good editorial photographs, you must have a solid concept or plan.

This draft can contain a brief containing the details of your photography editorial. However, at this stage you should avoid the details of the creative aspects.

Generally, in the early stages of taking editorial images, you know where your images will be published or what they will be used for. However, the reasons why you should take certain pictures still need some answers.

In this stage, you will spend a lot of time searching for the ideas and stories you are trying to convey through your photos.

2. Collect Inspiration

You can collect tons of editorial photos to find inspiration. You can visit websites like Pinterest, read editorial magazines, especially fashion magazines, or follow the social media accounts of an editorial photographer whose creative aspects you want to apply to your work.

Not all photos or ideas you collect will be used. Therefore, you have to sort each idea and photo well. However, you are advised to seek as much inspiration as possible before finally making your choice.

This collection of photos will not only end up as a collection of photos. You can use the set of photos you choose as a guide when you start working later. Make a note of why you chose a creative idea and the execution steps you have prepared.

3. Find the Right Model

One of the biggest challenges in editorial photography is finding the right model. Models who can pose for commercial photography are not always able to pose for editorial photography.

This is the reason why you should have a solid and structured concept or brief. With complete directions, you can communicate well with your chosen model about what you want in your editorial photos.

Having a complete concept or brief can also help you find the right model. Make sure you choose a model that has the ability to understand and translate your vision.

4. Form a Solid Editorial Team

Taking a good editorial photograph is a long and complex process. You will of course really need people who are experienced and experts in their fields.

You will generally need a fashion designer, makeup artists, and wardrobe specialist. You can gather these people yourself or enlist the help of a client to find the right people.

5. Find The Right Location

Now that you have the right model and editorial team in place, it’s time to find the right location. The choice of location must of course be based on a pre-determined concept or brief. An editorial photographer can travel all over the world to do photo sessions. However, it is not uncommon for a photographer to build his entire career in a studio.

6. Start Your Editorial Shoots Session

Once you’ve got what you need, it’s time to start the shooting session. When it comes to shooting sessions, communication is key and your team needs a leader.

In this case, the photographer has the final say.

That’s all the information you need to know about the editorial photoshoot ideas. Be creative and exceptional to create a picture that can deliver a message to the viewer. To deepen your picture, please let Dropicts do the editing on it and we can help you with some picture retouching.

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