7 Best Professional Photo Editing Services For You

professional photo editing services

Finding professional photo editing services is not an easy thing. You should pay attention to various considerations beforehand—starting from the type of service owned to the quality of the artistry. Luckily, you no longer need to be confused about looking for photo editing services for personal and business needs because Dropicts is here.

Professional Photo Editing Services by Dropicts

Currently, Dropicts has seven types of photo editing services that you can choose according to your needs. Starting from Ghost Mannequin, Background Removal, Color Correction, Retouching, Customize, and Photo Restoration. Let’s get acquainted with each service from Dropicts.

1. Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin is a Dropicts service suitable for those of you who sell clothes. Mix n match clothes that you sell can quickly form like a dummy. The mannequins you usually see in clothing stores will be removed so the viewer can focus on each item of clothing in the photo.

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2. Background Removal

Product photos for sale usually don’t require a variety of backgrounds. Enough with a white background, the eyes will focus more on the product’s appearance. If your business wants to remove the background of its product photos, don’t hesitate to contact Dropicts. This job does require the support of professionals with exceptional skills. That’s why we are here for you.

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3. Color Correction

Problems with discolorations in product images can cause a bad image for your business. These products cannot look attractive in the eyes of potential consumers.

Dropicts can correct the color set in your product images, so they don’t look realistic and beautiful. Color Correction services will make your product even more attractive.

4. Retouching

Paying attention to product photos when they are finished is an important step. The perfect retouching process will make your product photos look even more charming. Unfortunately, sometimes there are still parts of the product that don’t look good in terms of visible color and lighting. Dropicts can assist you in retouching for these problems according to business standards.

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5. Newborn Editing

Having a portrait of your child from birth is a desire in itself to see their growth and development better. Dropicts has a Newborn Editing service that can beautify your baby’s photos. Family memories about the baby will be more memorable with services from Dropicts.

6. Photo Restoration

You must have old photos from a bygone era of poor quality. Now you don’t have to worry about how to fix the images. Dropicts has a Photo Restoration service to repair old photos to look good again.

The photo editor from Dropicts will fix the photos according to your request. That way, blurry images or looks bad will look good again.

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7. Customize

Seeing some of the services provided by Dropicts above, maybe you need all of these services. Dropicts itself provides a Customize service, a One Stop Solution package for post-production affairs for e-commerce.

It is undeniable that e-commerce has an extensive data bank of product photos. With the Customize service from Dropicts, Ghost Mannequin services to retouching can be done quickly and have satisfying results.

The entire Dropicts team is ready to help your business. We are committed to providing quality service according to your needs. So that’s the professional photo editing services from Dropicts just for you. Don’t miss it! If you are interested in using the services of Dropicts, click here right now.

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