Basic Composition Photography

Basic Composition Photography

In short term, composition means when object framed during captured. This action impacted on the image which resulted. Some camera will take the image by rectangular mode, and you may have a big consideration when taking an image with horizontally or vertically. Sometimes you just shoot the object in default setting mode just like whatever camera set it. Exactly, composition will give you more deep result about your photo.

In example, a sunset is better taken horizontally if there is sky scrapper, especially in the town. Meanwhile, a sunset and a tree are better when taken with vertical mode. In the conclusion, long wide scene gives a better look if captured with horizontal mode.

So what is the basic composition photography? Dropits will give you some basic composition principles for your knowledge.

Rule of Third

This composition used to balancing technique when you are capturing an image. You can use this technique by accessing grid tool in the camera setting then turn in on to set up. The camera screen will show some lines. In this point you will be able to line three things as the focal point.

Make sure to line up the main object to the line before you capturing an image.

Simple Background

Various background object will distract your main object from focus. To give the focus to the main object, using a simple background is a perfect solutions. Use a simple background like wall or a sheet. Other way, you can use a shallow depth of field.

A simple background gives more focus to the object because nothing distract it.

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Framed Scene

Using a frame when capturing object sometimes will dramatically alter the image composition. This technique will give you more attention in focal point. Try to use natural frame such as canopy or cave and a window.

A bridge also can play as frame and impacted on to the main scene in the middle.

Dominant Image

An image with dominant image will give you a strong effect to the viewer because it effect. You can use this technique by set up one or two object behind the main object. This technique is efficient way to show up the main object to the viewer.

A solitary object that will not distracted by background because the gap and the capturing technique

Using a Line

Image with a line has a function to balance the image. Line will dictate the viewer eyes to give a special attention to the main object. For example, you can use something like a bridge, line, or even a river.

This line will limit the viewer from seeing anything and pushed to give more attention to the main object.

Contrast or Opposition

Lighting plays an important part in photograph. A contrast or opposite color like black and white create dramatic result. A bold color upon a soft color will give a spotlight in the view. You may use a contrast object textures like light/dark, soft/hard, and rough/smooth.

A contrast object will give you a clear differentiation about the focus object and the background.

Close Up

A close up image will holding on the viewer eyes. An image that taken with close up technique provides a detailed photo. This technique mostly used to capture a small object such as flower sheath. Close up photograph is a good way to show a remarkable object.

A close up technique resulted on the image detail like the wrinkle or indentation clearly.

Make a View Point

This technique need the photographer skill. This technique will make an ordinary object becomes extra ordinary object. A view point must be taken in various angle when capture image to show the object in unique way.

Bottom view angle gives different perception about the way you look an object.

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