11 Types of Lighting in Photography

types of lighting in photography

Lighting is one of the most crucial aspects in photography. Without good lighting, it is impossible to get the desired image. But did you know that different light angles will produce other photos? A light that you put on different sides of the subject will make a different image. Light can create a variety of moods as desired. There are many types of lighting that photographers usually use to produce incredible photos. What are the types of lighting in photography?

What are the different lighting styles in photography?

Each type of lighting has its function and uniqueness. Generally, the use of every kind of lighting depends on what kind of image you want to create. In the following, we will explain the types of lighting available, including the photos created.

1. Broad Light

Broad light is a type of light that shines from the side. Lighting like this can create some ambiance. First, a narrow-face can become whole. Second, this lighting will add contrast to the photos taken.

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2. Short Light

Short light produces an image that is very different from broad light. This kind of lighting will create a profound impression. The shadow will be visible on the side closest to the camera. In addition, the use of short light can make a subject with a full-face look thinner.

3. Ambient Light

Ambient light is the type of lighting that is usually not included in the image. This type of lighting will produce a soft and warm mood. Its use is very suitable for broad or landscape image orientation. Ambient light can be obtained from sunlight, and moonlight, including street lamps. 

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4. Flat Light

Flat light can be obtained when you place the light directly in front of the subject. This type of lighting is used to emphasize the subject being photographed. If you take a picture of a person, their face will be the main focus. The resulting image will immediately focus on the face and make anything around the subject dim or blurry.

5. Soft Light

Almost similar to ambient light. It’s just that this type of light produces an even softer atmosphere. The light source must be placed further away from the subject to create soft photos. The camera must also be pulled back so as not to form a shadow in the picture.

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6. Hard Light

This type of light will produce an image with a strong impression. The shadows will also be more contrasted and sharp. Hard light is suitable for creating a substantial effect on the subject.

7. Split Light

Split light will produce a photo that focuses on one part of the subject. This is very likely to happen because the light is placed right to the left or to the right of the subject. As a result, the side that is exposed to light will be much more focused and brighter than the other side.

8. Backlighting

This type of light must be familiar. Usually, you will find this light at sunset. The placement of light behind the subject will produce the best silhouette photos. You can use the help of a reflector to reflect light on the subject being photographed.

9. Rim Light

Like backlight, the light source is placed directly behind the subject. It’s just that the resulting image will show the shape of the entire edge of the subject.

10. Butterfly 

This light does not mean using real butterflies to produce the best images. The light placement from above the subject will form a shadow under the nose. That shadow resembles the shape of a butterfly. This type of lighting is widely used for taking close-up photos because it can reveal all the unique features of the subject.

11. Loop Light

This type of lighting will produce a loop shadow under the subject’s nose. The light will be placed above eye level at 45-degree. To get good results, you can constantly adjust the intensity of the lighting by bringing the light closer or farther away.

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