Life Hack: Natural light to represent image naturally

Lighting could be the most challenging part in photography. Many photos losing their message because the lighting setting wasn’t right. Maybe that the reason why we still need a prefessional photo retouching service. But, if you have willing to learn how to make a lighting as a pro and in a cheap way, you better still here.

Using a natural light needs creativity, such as using a door or even the window. As you know, the light that comes out from window generally provides a good gradation. The light will dramatically changes your mood. And the important is, you don’t need any expensive photography tools to create this special moment. You can produces various types of lighting by doing this.


Dark and Moody Lighting

This type of lighting usually gives you a dramatic combination between dark and light in the result. With this dark and moody lighting, the viewer will be push to focus on object matter. This object photo becomes the main point and surrounding by a magical darkness.

Set your equipment in the side of the window to create a small shadow behind the object.

This technique is created to produce direct light to side of object while the background and the back-drop still covering by a shadow. You can use a black board to create this condition and some tape to help you blocking the light from the window.

The main object that focused on looks clearly while the rest object is blur.

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Bright and Ethereal Lighting

This is the most style that used by many photographer and becomes trending technique. This lighting type using a lot of lights and creates some freshness to a photo object. Bright and airy lighting mostly used by food photographer and summer time will be good time to time.

The both white reflector have a function to reduce a shadow in the object area.

Bright lighting is good to representing in object that focuses on, because there will be no distraction trough the lighting. You can produces a generous object highlight by the light that come out over backdrop. This technique also allows you to create less shadow around the object.

This lighting type gives a focus to main object in the middle and camouflage the object in the side.


Even Lighting

If you seeking to achieve consistency, or high quality images, you may use this even lighting. In a simple term, even lighting gives you flexible backdrop, style, and color. To set an even lighting, you need a light box and big white board.

The white reflector must be placed facing the window or you can leave this white reflector at all.

To produces natural lighting, place the white board directly facing the window and close to the object. This will reflect the light from the window and brighten the object in the both side. The light from the window is a bit stronger than from reflections, and it will gives you a natural soft lighting of the object.

A soft and natural image that produced by even lighting technique.

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