How to Fix Blurry Photos in A Easy Way

How to Fix Blurry Photos in A Easy Way | Dropicts

It must be very annoying if your photos are blurred. Worse yet, that important moment cannot be repeated. It must be too bad, right? Blurred photos are rarely the case anymore considering that the camera is now increasingly sophisticated. Although it rarely happens, if we are not careful, our photos can become blurry. Here is how to fix blurry photos in an easy step.


How to fix blurry photos

To be able to fix blurry photos, there are applications that you can use, one of which is using Adobe Photoshop. The steps to be able to fix this photo are quite easy. However, it is better if we know the cause of a blurry photo.


Why Can Photos Get Blurry?

There are several reasons why the photos we produce can be blurry, blurry or unclear. Some of them are:


You Move a lot

Some of us may, while holding the camera (Smartphone / DSLR / Pocket) there are some slight movements of hands that can disturb the process of taking a photo, even though today’s sophisticated cameras have some technologies to fix it, if your hand is not stable, the photos will look blurry.


The object in the photo is moving

Now, you are not the one that’s moving, but the object that we are going to photograph is moving. This is one of the most common problems. So make sure the object you are going to photograph is still. You can also adjust the speed of taking photos on your camera (shutter speed).


Camera Not Focused

Almost all cameras have autofocus, to get good and perfect photos you have to be patient to wait until your autofocus is completely focused and ready when taking pictures.

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Here’s How To Fix Blurry Photos

To fix a blurry photo, we will use Photoshop which is commonly used in the photo editing process. The steps for fixing the photo are:

  • Open Photoshop, then open the photo you want to sharpen.
  • Then duplicate the photo by pressing ctrl + J, we will work on the file that we have duplicated
  • Click the Image menu then select a mode then select Lab Color.
  • Click Channels and then select Lightness
  • Click the Filter menu> Sharpen> Unsharp Mask. Please edit it according to your needs, too many can make the photos look bad, too few will make the photos remain blurry. So just choose the right one.
  • When finished, please click Lab on the channel menu then click Layer

In this sharpen option, the results of our photos will indeed look less good, now in the next step we will make our photos a little smoother

  • Press the Alt key then click Add layer Mask, later on the right of the layer there will be a black box.
  • Move the foreground color which is white below before we smooth the image.
  • Click the brush tool, to increase and decrease the brush size by pressing the [(open box) or] (close box) button on your keyboard.
  • Now please rub or erase the part you want to sharpen, you can adjust the opacity according to your needs.


After that, see the results. If you are following the steps correctly, then your image will look sharper and less blurry. If you think this way is too hard, then you can try hiring professional product image editing services Dropicts. We are ready to help you to fix and improve your photos. Visit our website for more information.

If you have any questions about this, don’t be shy to leave a comment!

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