How to Fix Blurry Photos in A Easy Way

How to Fix Blurry Photos in A Easy Way | Dropicts


Blurry picture is the last thing that you want when taking a picture. Not only will you get an unsatisfactory result, but the moment you’re trying to capture may never reappear. However, with the help of technology, especially photo editing software, you can fix blurry images. To do so, you must know how to fix blurry photos.

Fixing blurry photos is not as difficult as you might think. With so many photo editing apps available, you can find a variety of ways you can easily improve image quality.

Here are some ways to correct blurry photos that you can try.

What Caused Blurry Images?

Before we start discussing how to fix blurry photos, it’s a good idea to understand the things that can cause blurry images. Because, prevention is better than cure, right?

Here are some of the reasons you get a blurry image.

1. You Are Moving A Lot

One of the reasons you get a blurry picture is that you move too much or too fast when you take the picture.

Of course, there are many advanced cameras that can capture focused images in just milliseconds.

However, you still need stability to take a focused image. This will be more influential when you take pictures in low light conditions.

As a workaround, you can use a tripod and, if possible, an automatic shutter button so you don’t have to touch the camera when taking pictures that might cause camera shake.

2. Moving Objects

Not only photographers, moving objects can also make images blurry.

As a solution, you can direct the photo object or model to remain still while in the photo session.

But, what if you’re taking a picture outside and can’t aim at the object of the photo?

In this case, you have to maximize the settings of your camera. One setting that you can use is the shutter speed. To avoid blurry images, you can use a fast shutter speed.

3. Out of Focus Camera

The camera is often a source of trouble when you get a blurred photo. This is because your camera settings are causing the camera to not focus.

As a solution, you can take advantage of the autofocus feature on the camera. This feature really limits you, especially in certain types of photography. However, this feature can help you to draw much more easily and effectively.

How To Fix Blurry Pictures in Simple Way?

After you know what causes a blurry picture, now is the time for you to know how to fix it by using image editing tools.

Image editing tools are an integral part of photography. With the available tools, you can improve your picture quality quite easily.

One application that is widely used by people is Photoshop. Here’s how to fix blurry photos using Photoshop.

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  • Open Photoshop, then open the photo you want to sharpen.
  • Then duplicate the photo by pressing ctrl + J, we will work on the file that we have duplicated
  • Click the Image menu then select a mode then select Lab Color.
  • Click Channels and then select Lightness
  • Click the Filter menu> Sharpen> Unsharp Mask. Please edit it according to your needs, too many can make the photos look bad, too few will make the photos remain blurry. So just choose the right one.
  • When finished, please click Lab on the channel menu then click Layer

In this sharpen option, the results of our photos will indeed look less good, now in the next step we will make our photos a little smoother

  • Press the Alt key then click Add layer Mask, later on the right of the layer there will be a black box.
  • Move the foreground color which is white below before we smooth the image.
  • Click the brush tool, to increase and decrease the brush size by pressing the [(open box) or] (close box) button on your keyboard.
  • Now please rub or erase the part you want to sharpen, you can adjust the opacity according to your needs.

That’s how to fix blurry photos. Blurred images can be caused by several things; starting from the photographer, the object of the image, to the camera settings. Fortunately, fixing blurry photo is not difficult. With the help of an application like Photoshop, you can correct a blurry image in simple steps.

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If you have any questions about this, don’t be shy to leave a comment!

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