5 Self-Portrait Photography Ideas You Might Want To Try

self-portrait photography ideas

There are many self-portrait photography ideas you might want to try for the next photography project. The classic self-portrait with a model in the middle of the frame will look boring for everyone and as a photographer, you need to be creative to create something new through self-portrait photography.

Through this article, you will find some fresh ideas on how to do self-portrait photography. These ideas will bring you to a new portfolio that can attract more clients to come and use your photography services.

5 Self-Portrait Photography Ideas

In the information below, you will find 5 self-portrait photography ideas from Dropicts. Let’s check this information out!

1. Do The Extra Close Up

Self-portrait photography is not always about the picture from the head to the shoulder. You can just do the extra close-up to point out some details such as eyes, nose, and mouth.

Doing the extra close-up will help you to create the story throughout the picture you have taken. People can easily tell what you want to tell them about that one mesmerizing picture.

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2. Use Double Exposure

To add some dramatic effect, you can try to use double exposure to create a deep focus on some object in your frame, especially for self-portrait photography. It will give you an extraordinary result and people will get captivated by the first time they see your picture.

For a tip, you can try to start with a dark exposure for the base background on the picture. After that, use a bright exposure for the second base layer to emphasize the texture or some details you might don’t want to leave out.

3. Turn Into The Silhouette Picture

A self-portrait picture doesn’t always show as a real person picture. You can just turn it into a silhouette picture and it still can be included in the self-portrait photography.

Silhouette pictures always become the best self-portrait because you can always do it everywhere and give the best result. You might want to use a natural light source as the sunlight to create a silhouette at the field on a sunny day, or maybe you want to take a shadow picture under the moonlight which might leave a great impression.

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4. Find a Creative Angles

Every photography will always talk about angles and you need to learn how to find the best angle in every photography, including a self-portrait. The good news is self-portrait photography is the easiest one the play with the angles as you wish.

As we have said earlier, a self-portrait with a middle angle will look boring and has zero impression. That’s why, you can try to take the self-portrait image from the side, upper side, or even back.

5. Use Object to Cover Side Face

The last idea you can use for self-portrait photography is to use some object to cover the side face. The object can be a memento that leaves a hidden message to people and they can interpret a lot of things through one image. It sounds cool, right?

Also, don’t forget that any pictures you have taken need some retouch to make them look better. That’s why Dropicts offer some services for every photographer in the editing process and we will make sure that every picture you have can turn into awe-inspiring self-portrait pictures.

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