Photography Lighting Equipment List You Must Have

Photography Lighting Equipment List You Must Have | Dropicts

Every photographer needs some photography lighting equipment to improve the result of the photo. Lighting is the most important component of photography where it can give some ambiance, more lights in the darkroom, etc. You can’t just depend on editing tools to make your photo look better because trust us, photography lighting is way better and makes your photo look natural. You can use the photo editing tool for some minor editing. 

Through this article, we prepare a list of photography lighting equipment you can use. All of this lighting equipment is fundamental and you may already know some of it.


7 Photography Lighting Equipments

On this photography lighting equipment list, we prepare the lighting you should have and the accessories to support your photography session. Let’s check the lighting equipment below:


1. Flashlight

For basic lighting equipment, you can try to use a flashlight that can be added on top of your camera. This flashlight can be adjusted as your need and usually used in the darkroom or somewhere without the light. 

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2. Strobe

How strobe works are similar to a flashlight. But, the strobe isn’t attached to the camera. It’s a monolight. Strobe’s light has a wider range than a flashlight and you can use this in a big dark room such as a hall or ballroom.


3. Background Light

To add more light from behind so it can make your object dark and looks like a shadow, you can use background lighting to add the backlight.


4. Ambient Light

How can you get a night light ambiance picture while the photo session is taken in the daylight and how yo get the daylight picture when it’s already night? The answer is simple. You can use ambient light to gives some effect like that, as you wish. And of course, the result of your picture will look natural. 


5. Soft Boxes

Now it’s time to talk about lighting equipment for the studio. You can’t just rely on the flashlight and any lights equipment to do a photo studio session. You need softboxes that can shape and soften the light. Softboxes have several shapes such as squares, strips, and octaboxes.


6. Reflectors

Reflectors go well with your flashlight or strobe. You can adjust where the light goes with this reflector. If you don’t want to hit the object or subject directly with your light, you can point the light to the reflector. It can give you more natural light than just directly hit the spot with the light.

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7. Backdrop

A backdrop can be used if you want to focus on your object or subject with a blank background. For example, if you want to take someone’s portrait for their visa, you can use this backdrop. Or else, if you want to add another background with an editing tool, you can use a green backdrop that is usually used by streamers.

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All of that photography lighting equipment is very easy to find. If you need help with editing or retouching your photo, Dropicts can help with anything you need. Find us and tell us what you need!

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