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Information about how to remove shadow from photo is important, especially for those of you who often shoot outdoors using natural light. There are indeed challenges when deciding to take a photoshoot outdoors because it is not only a matter of sunlight that creates shadows, but also the overall weather to the location of the shooting location.

Luckily, you can fix this problem if you take the steps below. Are you curious about the steps? Check out the explanation below.


How to Remove Shadow From Photo in Photoshop

To remove shadow from photos, you can use Photoshop as a quality software for photo editing. With some features in it, you can remove shadow in photos easily. Follow these few ways.


1. Create a New Layer

The first step you have to do is create a new layer. How to create a new layer in Photoshop is by pressing Ctrl + J on Windows or Cmd + J on Mac. That way, you make a new copy of the image on a new layer too. If you really want to undo the changes, then you just have to delete this layer.

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2. Selecting the Shadows / Highlights Feature

You can then use the Shadows / Highlights feature. Get this feature by going to the menu option Image> Adjustment> Shadows / Highlights. With default settings, you can quickly remove shadows in photos.

Check in the Shadows section, then adjust the sliders. Then select various other sliders to play the brightness of the photo. Indeed, for this part, you have to try it yourself so that the results you get are as you wish.

If it is suitable, then click OK to save the changes. Easy, right?


3. Using Other Means

Do you want to remove higher-level shadows because they are bold enough? It’s actually quite difficult to remove bolder shadows because they can interfere with the beauty of the photo.

But if you really want to soften the shadow by reducing it, you can still do it. You do this by opening the image in Photoshop. Then in the Adjustments panel, click on Levels. With that done, there’s a new adjustment layer on top of your photo.

Then right click under the Levels graph and swipe left until the shadow reaches the right brightness level. Now with the Levels layer selected, click the Mask button. Invert the Mask by pressing Ctrl + I on Windows or Cmd + I on Mac. Your photo will return to its original dark level.

Next select the Brush tool and set the color to white. In Options, set the Hardness to a low number, around 5 to 10%. Also set the Opacity around 30 to 50%. Do shadows brushing on your photos. When you brush, the shadow becomes lighter. Brush over a few sections for a more maximal effect.

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That’s how to remove shadow from photo in Photoshop that you can do yourself. By doing the steps given above, your photo results can be better without being distracted by shadows.

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