How to Take Pictures of Clothes to Sell? Take Some Notes Here!

how to take pictures of clothes to sell

Displaying attractive images plays a massive role in one’s buying decision-making. Customers will not notice good quality products if the pictures are bad. Therefore you need to know how to take pictures of clothes to sell. There are several tools that you must prepare. The tools required do not cost a lot of money. You can even maximize the use of these tools at home. So are you ready to learn it? Let’s Begin!

How To Take Pictures Of Clothes To Sell?

The main essential tools you should have are a camera, backdrop, lighting, and a tripod. Having these four tools alone can help you take the best quality pictures. Cameras and lighting equipment do not have to be worth millions of rupiah. Just use your cell phone camera and light ring at home. If the tool is ready, let’s start taking pictures. 

1. Prepare The Clothes

The first thing to do is prepare the clothes. Preparing the clothes means trimming the pieces of yarn (if any) and ironing them until all the wrinkles are gone. They assume all wrinkles can be removed during editing.

You can indeed remove them in Photoshop, but editing requires skill and takes a long time. In fact, there is a possibility the quality of the resulting photo will not be as good as the original. Prepare the clothes that you will sell as well as possible.

2. Create Your Photo Studio

Create your own studio by setting the background and lighting. The color of the backdrop used must be white or gray only. Both are the most neutral colors that can make objects stand out when photographed.

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If your background isn’t extensive enough, you can buy rolls of white backdrops in any e-commerce store at affordable prices. Place the tripod at a good shooting angle. Using a tripod will help you get stable photos. Use a DSLR camera if possible. You can borrow from a friend if you don’t have the funds to buy it. 

But using the phone’s camera is enough to take good pictures. Place the light source at a 45-degree angle to get a soft light reflection. Set the lighting power to half. In addition, make sure that the entire shooting area is clean from unnecessary items to not interfere with the shooting results.

3. Find Photoshoot Ideas

Now it’s time to determine what kind of product photos you want to produce. Photographing clothing products can be done in many ways. First, you need to decide to use a mannequin or a model. Using a model can be the right choice if you have the budget ready.

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But a photoshoot with a mannequin is already good enough. Or even you can use a hanger to do a photoshoot. Don’t have supporting properties at all? Using floors and backdrops will also produce great photos.

4. Image Finalization

Finally, you can start shooting. Take product photos from near and far, also from all sides so customers can see the whole product well. Place the product right in front of the camera so that the photo is in perfect focus.

Once the shoot is complete, it’s time to finalize it by adjusting some settings to make it perfect. Make sure all the product photos are in the same size and focus on the center. Have all product photos been successfully obtained? You can start uploading and marketing it!

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That’s how to take pictures of clothes to sell. Congratulations, because you have completed a challenging project. Indeed, doing a photoshoot yourself is not an easy job. There are many things to prepare. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. 

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