Editing Tutorial: How to Make Text Curve in Photoshop

how to make text curve in photoshop

Do you want to know how to make text curve in Photoshop? There are 2 methods you can use to make the text curve in Adobe Photoshop and of course, you can follow it easily even if you are not familiar with the software.

Nowadays, creativity has become mandatory in the digital era and you have to thrive for a spectacular visual design that can sell to people. Another way you can try to get an awesome design is by using the text curve.

Plain headlines or text won’t be able to give you the creativity you wanted. You need to add some tweak, which is a curve to add more variations into the design,

Through this article, Dropicts will teach you how to make the text curve in Adobe Photoshop. All you need to do is follow the instructions below and you will nail the new skill in design.

2 Methods of How to Make Text Curve in Photoshop

There are 2 methods you can try to make the text curve in Adobe Photoshop. Check the methods below:

1. Using Warp Text Tools

In the 1st method, we will curve the text by using the “Warp Text” tools. To get there, you can try to follow these steps:

  • Make a new file in Adobe Photoshop and then set the document name as you wish. For example, let’s name it “Test 1”.
  • You also need to do some adjustments to width and height. Set the width to 800 px and height to 500 px.
  • Still, in the opening preset, change the “Background Contents” to white. Click OK once you are set.
  • Go to the “Text” tool (T), type your text. For practice, you can just type “Testing”.
  • Select the text layer and make sure the “Text” tool is still active. Then, click the “Create Warped Text” icon, you can find it in the toolbar.
  • Once you see the “Warp Text” setting window, change the “Style” to Arc. Set the “Bend” value to +20% and click OK.

Your text is curved now! It is easy and simple, right? If you want to make it curvier, you can just simply add more bends to it to get the perfect curve.

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2. Using Ellipse Tools

In the 2nd method, we will use the “Ellipse” tool (U) to bend the text. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Make a new document and do the same thing for the preset settings as the 1st method.
  • Go to the “Ellipse” tool and draw the shape of 710 px x 270 px. Make sure that the “Shape” mode is on or you can find it in the toolbar.
  • Now, select the “Text” tool (T) and click on the edge of the ellipse to type your text. Type “Testing” there.
  • For the last step, you can hide the ellipse shape by clicking the eye icon on the layers window, and you are settled!

That’s all the information we can give you about how to make text curve in Photoshop. If you still find it difficult to make it, just give the task to Dropicts and we will gladly help with any design you want. We can proceed with the ideas you had in mind!Banner Dropicts Professional Image or Photo Retouching Services

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