5 Sunset Photography Tips for Beginners

5 Sunset Photography Tips for Beginners

How to take photos of sunset with the maximum results? If you don’t know how, then you have to follow the sunset photography tips that Dropicts has given below. Let’s work to make a satisfying result!

How To Take Sunset Photos Better?

Taking sunset photos is a part of landscape photography. Therefore, some of the techniques that you master as a landscape photographer might work in this case.

Still, taking an image of a setting sun still requires some skillsets of its own. Therfore, to help you start sunset shoot session of your own, here are some tips to help you take sunset photos.

Before starting to discuss the tips that will be given, make sure that your camera is in the manual mode. After that, you can follow the camera settings that are very suitable for photographing sunsets:

  • Shoot in aperture priority mode (A or AV on your mode dial)
  • Set your aperture to f/16
  • Set your ISO to 100
  • Let the camera set your shutter speed
  • Put the focus point 1/3 into the scene
  • Put the camera on a tripod

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By following the camera settings according to the information above, then you can start following these tips.

1. Use a Tripod

Preventing camera shake is one of the most important thing to do when photographing sunsets.

Tripod is important because you won’t be 100% focused because you have to think about how to shoot stable photos. Having a tripod also allow you to use slow shutter speed which in some case is required to photograph sunsets.

Using a tripod allows you to focus on getting the most appropriate composition. But don’t stop there.

If you have taken a sunset photo at one point, try moving the tripod and camera to the other side. That way, you can get several different point of view options.

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2. Utilize Wide Dynamic Range

Talking about sunset photography, the photos taken should be in landscape form. You need to choose a focal length in the range of 14 mm to 24 mm in order to get the best photos.

Shooting with a wider angle also provides more dramatic photos. When choosing a wide angle shot, you should zoom in a bit too.

Add a dramatic effect by creating a silhouette of an object, such as a tree. Bring out creativity to get maximum results.

3. Choose RAW Format

Setting your camera from the start to take photos with RAW image format. Shooting photos in RAW format can give better results.

RAW format can retain all image data and provide more opportunities in the editing process. This point is very important for shooting with wide angle scenes with high dynamics such as sunsets.

4. Keep ISO Low

Your camera’s ISO setting should be lower to minimize noise. The images captured are definitely cleaner.

Choose the lowest ISO your camera can handle, such as 100 or 200. Keep the ISO as low as possible if at all possible.

5. Watch Your Shutter Speed

When working with huge light source such as the sun, watching your shutter speed is a necessity.

Faster shutter speed might help you reduce the chance of a blur image, but your image can turn dark because of the low light. Slower shutter speed can help, but then you will have to hold your camera still.

Sure, you can use tripod to help you stabilize your camera. However, there is no telling if any obstruction will appear or not.

In short, make sure to notice your surrounding and timing. Shooting sunsets in golden hour can will make your photograph session less risky. There is still so much light so that you can use faster shutter speed.

So those are some sunset photography tips that you can follow. Working in a sunset scene can be tough for some. You need to know when and where to shoot. You also need to match you camera settings with your surrounding properly. However, once you get the hang of it and apply all those sunset photography tips, shooting sunsets can be one of the best shooting experience as a photographer.

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