How to Make 3D Text in Photoshop in The Easy Ways

How to Make 3D Text in Photoshop

Does any of you need the tutorial on how to make 3D text in photoshop in the easiest ways? Dropicts will help you through this article with some guidance until you can make a perfect 3D text.

Before we continue, please pick one word, any word you like to use for this tutorial. If you already decide what word to use in this tutorial, let’s begin the editing process!

How To Make 3D Text in Adobe Photoshop?

Photoshop is one of the best photo editing tools. It has all the basic tools you need to edit your photos. Other than basic stuffs, Photoshop also has some of the best advanced features, such as 3D tools.

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Other than 3D tools, Photoshop also has other tools that you can utilize to create 3D text. You can utilize text tool and pen tool to create your own 3D text. You can stack and style easily using layers feature from Photoshop which includes layers panel, layer mask, layer stack, and layer styles.

However, if you need to make 3D text fast, then you can always opt for the 3D tools from Photoshop.

Here are the steps to create 3D text in Photoshop

1. Make a Photoshop Document

Create a ‘New File’ and type the text you want to use in a large size, also you can make it bold.

2. Make It 3D

Select the text layer and then go to ‘3D’ > ‘New 3D Extrusion From Selected Layer’.

3. Adjust The 3D Settings

After you change the text into 3D, it will have the default settings which you have to adjust as needed. Now, select the 3D text layer and go to Properties Panel > ‘Coordinates’, and then change the ‘X’ angle to 90o. You can see the text from the front side now, right? If you want another source of light, just go the 3D panel and select ‘New Infinite Light’

4. Find The Lines

Click anywhere outside the 3D text and try to move the text angle until you find a red line and blue line. Find the cross spot in the middle of the 3D text. After that, go back to the ‘Coordinates’ tab and adjust the second column. Leave everything except the 90o rotation setting on the X axis.

5. Add The Background

Now, you need a background that will be interacted with the 3D text. You can just simply draw a rectangular shape and then go to ‘3D’ > ‘New Mesh from Layer’ > Depth Map to > Panel. After that, select both the 3D text layer and the background layer. Go to ‘3D’ > ‘Merge 3D Layers’.

6. Adjust The Background

Resize the rectangular shape to fill the whole artboard and then you can try to adjust the thickness of the letters by dragging the shape up or down. You can also try some presets to find the shape you want by going to ‘Properties’ > ‘Shape Presets’.

7. Set The Light

The point of making the 3D text is its shadow and light, right? Now, you need to find the ‘Infinite Light’ and drag it to under letter and adjust the intensity of the light also the softness of the shadow. You are done now.

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Still Hard? Let Us Do The Editing for You

Those are the steps on how to make 3D text in Photoshop. If you want to explore more, you can always add new layer and try to add texture your 3D text. Having a texture will make your 3D feels more real and eye-catchy.

How is it? Are those steps above still hard for you? The tutorial we prepare for you is the easiest one for beginners. You can get used to it or even master it by practicing more. Someday, after you can master this tutorial, you can do some experiments until getting a fantastic result.

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