Zoom Photography Tips: Let’s Master It

A Monitor and Camera Lens For Zoom Photography

In photography, there are many techniques you can learn to produce a wide variety of interesting photos and images. One of them is zoom photography, also known as zoom blur or zoom burst. To be able to produce photos with this technique, there are a few tips that you can follow below.


Let’s Get To Know What is Zoom Photography

Zooming is a photo technique that is useful for giving the impression of motion by changing the focal length of the lens at the time of exposure (shooting). Of course, changing the focal length can only be done with a zoom lens for example our lens 18-55.

Photo effects that use zooming techniques will get photos that seem to move towards a point. The results of zooming photos are a little bit different from photos using techniques to make bokeh photos. Although both of these techniques focus on objects and the background that looks blurry.

To get the impression of motion/zooming, we must pay attention to the speed of hand movement when changing the focal length at the time of exposure (when the camera takes a photo).

When shooting using this one technique, at the same time as the exposure process, the focus point of the lens is changed by pulling the zoom lens in or out (for the type of zoom that is pulled) or by shifting the focal point of the lens to the left or right.

Place the main subject in the center of the photo. In this section, the sharpness of the image is relatively better than other parts to be used as a Point of Interest. Zoom photography technique can still be done in low light areas because one way of shooting zooming shutter speed is not recommended for more than 1/30s.

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Tips For Zoom Photography

There are several tips that you can follow to produce quality zoom photography photos, such as:

  • Focus the object right in the middle then zoom the image until it is full close
  • When you press the shutter button, rotate the ring to zoom out
  • Use manual focus so you can make sure that the POI is not changing and ruin your photos.
  • Choose a low shutter speed, for example, 1/10s and you can adjust the aperture
  • Take advantage of a tripod to maintain maximum focus and be able to maintain stability when you are shooting with this kind of technique.
  • Choose a background that has contrast and lots of colours to get an interesting zooming impression in your photos.

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