Flat Lay Photography Technique for Minimalist Photo

Flat Lay Photography Technique for Minimalist Photo

Flat lay photo is a picture taken from a bird’s eye view. It can contain a lot of things that organized chaos. The keywords is: MINIMALIST AND SIMPLE. It is really easy to learn and incredibly powerful for your brand.

Although flat lay photo looks simple, you have to make sketches for your flat lay in advance. You have to gather so many things and arrange them into a meaningful composition. Besides your product, put a few supporting props to gain impression from your audiences.

Here are some simple tips for you to create a minimalist yet strong flat lay photography:

  1. Use Window as The Light Source

    Flat Lay Photography Technique for Minimalist Photo
    If you don’t have a proper lighting, you need to take your flat lay photography with a natural light. You can find a window full of natural light or simply go outside to take the photo. Be aware of the shadows and arrange your object nicely.

  2. Color Combination

    Flat Lay Photography Technique for Minimalist Photo

    The best thing to keep your flat lay photo simple is using a plain white background. But don’t be afraid to play around with colored background. You able to do an experiment on different color themes to add intrigue for your viewers.

  3. Leave Some Space for Text and Graphic

    Flat Lay Photography Technique for Minimalist Photo

    Sometimes too many props will make your flat lay photography looks odd. You might want to leave some space to add text or graphics on your photo. For example you able to add your brand logo’s or quotes for inspirational looks.

  4. Compose Your Shot

    Compose Your Shot

    After you have prepared all of your props and background, you need to organize all your objects. Leave a little space between each other to highlighting all objects.

    The keyword is: BALANCE.

    You able to create balance on your flat lay photography by mixing smaller objects with the larger one and placing items with similar colors on both sides of the photo.


  5. A Little Touch Up

    A Little Touch Up

    You need to make sure that the photo is PERFECT! You able to make your photo perfect through post-production process. For example, color adjustment, cropping, or maybe retouching photo from any imperfection.



It’s really easy to create a minimalist yet strong flat lay photography. You don’t need a professional gear like DSLR Camera, lighting, or studio. You can only use your smartphone camera to create a perfect flat lay photography

If you have any questions related to image editing, you can get in touch with professional image retouching services like Dropicts

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