5 Hair Photoshoot Ideas for Commercial Purposes

hair photoshoot ideas

Becoming a photographer is not an easy job, and it requires a creative mind to deliver a great picture, especially when it comes to hair photoshoots for commercial purposes. But, Dropicts has some hair photoshoot ideas that you might want to try in this article.

Some photographers find it hard to take a picture of hair. It is hard not because of the commercial purposes but the object of the picture itself. You need to figure out how to get good hair pictures that can be good for commercials.

To get good pictures of hair, you can try to take a picture of many different angles, add some hair ornaments, accessories (not too much, just to add the color), lighting, and focus on the curve of the hair. Let’s just check out some ideas below and try them yourself.

5 Amazing Hair Photoshoot Ideas That You Can Try

There are five creative hair photoshoot ideas that that Dropicts are going to share, and you can feel free to use them:

1. Symmetrical Back Angle

The most common concept of hair photoshoot you can try is the symmetrical back angle. The idea of this photoshoot is to focus on the hair from the back. You can simply take the model in the center of the frame, then make sure to get the whole cut of the hair.

This hair photoshoot idea is suitable for any business related to hair such as salon, hair treatment product, hair coloring product, etc. You can easily follow this idea, and don’t forget to explore the angle and lighting to get a good picture.

2. Flat Lay Angle

The flat lay angle is one of the most popular hair photoshoot ideas nowadays. The model needs to lay down, and the hair is spread out. Usually, you can also add some properties such as flower petals, confetti, and many more, based on the central concept.

3. Beauty Curly Hair Focus

In the next hair photoshoot idea, you need to be creative with the focus. If your model has beautiful curly hair, you can try to focus on the curly details.

This hair photoshoot requires high skill because it is not easy to get a picture of beautiful curly hair focus. You need to understand how to adjust the exposure, lighting, and angle. 

4. Sunkissed on The Hair

Let’s get out and do the hair photoshoot outdoor, under the sunlight. You can take photos from any angle you like, and there are many options to get the perfect selling hair pictures. The sunkissed on the hair will give exceptional hair pictures.

5. Windy Weather

The last hair photoshoot idea you can try is the windy weather concept. This concept is just about you taking the picture when the wind blows the hair. You can get the natural wind or create it with a blower.

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That’s all the information we can give you about five hair photoshoot ideas for commercial purposes. For the editing process, you can just let Dropicts do it for you. Just tell us your request, and we can deliver the maximum result of your pictures.

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