Why is Photography Post Production Important?

photography post production

Photography post-production is one of the important phases in getting the best photos. Especially for those who use the photos for business product promotion needs.

In terms of the name, it can be seen that the post-production step is carried out after the photo-taking process has been carried out. But this step is so important that it should not be done. Let’s take a deeper look at post-production photography here.


What is Post-Production Photography?

In any project, post-production is always in the last phase. There are three phases in producing a photo, namely pre-production, production, and post-production.

Post-production is a process that is carried out after the production process has been completed. In this phase, we no longer discuss photography skills. There are different skills to use. Especially to get the right creative vision using image editing software such as Photoshop or Lightroom.

The process in post-production is also quite long. In fact, sometimes post-production takes longer than pre-production and production. Many photographers need image editing software support to get the results they want.

Moreover, here we are talking about photography for business products. Of course, it must be made as attractive as possible and able to describe the product.

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Process in Photography Post-Production

There are several processes in post-production. Even though the photos taken are very good, sometimes they still need editing support. When it comes to photo editing, most just need a little tweaking to fit their imagination. But there are still several other processes that can be done here.


1. Adjust the Colors

The color problem in the photo is quite strange. But fortunately, you can already get the most appropriate color display through image editing software. You can make photos look warmer, more mysterious, and even black and white. Everything can be done in post-production.

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2. Leveling and Cropping

Not always the size of the photo is always right when going through the production phase. That’s why leveling and cropping are needed. When it is finally used, the published photo can already match the format and ratio according to demand and needs.


3. Brightness

Want to get a darker or lighter photo? You can change it in this post-production phase. Photo brightness can be adjusted in such a way as needed. If you want a warm photo atmosphere, then increase the brightness. Conversely, if you want a cooler photo, lower the brightness.


4. Shadows

Adding shadows can be done in this post-production. This addition is useful for taking photos even more dramatically.


5. Removing Unimportant Elements

Sometimes there are problems when the photo has been taken, such as some unimportant elements that want to be removed. You can use the clone or stamp tool to remove unimportant elements.

So those are some things that can be done in post-production. From the information, you can already feel why post-production photography is important.Still not satisfied with your photography post-production? You can choose professional photo retouching services from Dropicts with the support of a professional team that can provide the best service. Call us now to get what you need!

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