7 Best Product Photography Ideas To Sell More

product photography ideas

There are various product photography ideas that can increase sales of your business products. Did you know that a first impression can be created just by looking at an image for 50 milliseconds?

That fact is surprising. But it should be predictable because not everyone has time to pay attention to a product image for a long time.

This makes you have to create amazing photos for the product. There is no limit to what products must have great photos. All products must be promoted with good photos because they can support sales as well.

So what are some product photography ideas that you can sample? Here’s the explanation!


Choice of Product Photography Ideas to Help You Sell More

In total there are 7 best product photography ideas that can be your inspiration.


1. Macro Shots

Macro shots are one of the most familiar product photography ideas. The main purpose of using this photo style is to provide perfect and complete focus. Products are also more easily visible to the public.

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2. Create Scene

If the photo has a canvas, then you need to create a scene to display the product perfectly. Of course the placement of the product in the scene is in accordance with its purpose. For example, a laptop on a desk or a book in the library. Use the bokeh effect to give a dramatic impression.


3. Freeze Frame Photography

There are some products that can use the freeze effect. The product of the easiest to use technique is the drink. The result is a photo that looks professional and can make a good and dramatic impression on potential customers.


4. Put Product in Background

What does putting a product in the background mean? As with idea number two, you can give examples of how the product is used in a separate environment. This idea raises the imagination according to the consumer’s perspective. In fact, they can be interested in buying because they see this product is suitable for use in everyday life.

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5. Photos of All Product Variations

If your product has several variations, such as many color choices, don’t hesitate to immediately take a photo of everything in one frame. This method is important to do, especially if sold online. Consumers always want to see a lot of product photos so they are sure to buy it.


6. Use Products in Photos

Using products in photos can also be a brilliant idea. For example, mobile phone products. You can take photos of people listening to songs with the cellphone. Pretty easy, right?


7. Play Angle Photo

The last photography idea for the product is to play with the angle of the photo. You can include several elements in the photo. From the bokeh effect, the product being used, to the person. The angle of the photo can be from the front, side, or even from above because it provides an interesting new perspective.

So that’s how to make attractive product photos and can help attract the attention of potential customers so that there is an increase in sales. Do you need professional photo retouching services support? Dropicts is here for you with services for professional products and businesses. Call us right now!

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