Best Image Editing Softwares to Use for Newbie

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There are a lot of image editing softwares that claim to have amazing tools and features, when in fact those softwares can only apply simple filters. As a newbie, you may get overwhelmed. Worry not, you can see these recommendations of the best image editing software with a user-friendly interface and great features.

Why Should I Edit My Photos?

Photography is a job unless you’re an artist. If you like your images to go super fast, adjust the quality of exposures in photos like white balances or colours. Editing your pictures allows to reduce the size of your picture file. This is extremely important when planning to post photos online on a photo website as part of their content. A useful photo-editing software helps in saving your hours on photo editing and take pictures the next level.

Best Photo Editing Software

There are many photo editors that can be used by photographers to get the best photos. Image editing software included in this editing tool actually consists of various options. Including the addition of several features, such as having a creative cloud, which can be used on Mac & Windows computers, to be able to fully support RAW format images. The following is the full review.

1. Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is perhaps the most well-known photo editing software in this list. It has all the features you need to edit images. For a top photo editing tool, Photoshop has a steep learning curve. However, it will be worth the effort since Adobe Photoshop’s elements match the professional industry’s high standard that can benefit both amateur and professional photographers.

With Photoshop, you will have all the basic editing tools you need to produce good image. Tools such as layers, filters, selection, texts, and many others are in you hand to fully edit your images. In fact, there is almost not a single thing you cannot do in terms of professional photo editing with Adobe Photoshop.

It is truly the best professional photo editing software that even a beginner can learn to use. It provides more photo editing toolkit compared to other image editing software. Once you master your photo editing skills with Photoshop, there is no limit to what you can do with Photoshop’s photo editing capabilities.

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2. Photopea

Photo editing software can take a lot of space in your computer, especially for some of the best photo editing software like Photoshop. So, what should you do if you run out of space? The answer is Photopea.

Photopea is a free online photo editor. It has a similar user interface as Photoshop. This means that you can apply the techniques that you can do in Photoshop to this free photo editing tool. This is not something that you can do even on some of the best free photo editing software. This photo editing software is also beginner-friendly.

Although similar to Photoshop, this app does not have quite as many tools as Photoshop. However, you can do some basic edits easily. Moreover, you does not need to purchase or install anything as Photopea can be accessed using internet connection.

3. Corel Paintshop Pro

On par with Photoshop, Corel Paintshop Pro is also one of the favorite and user-friendly photo editing tools. This softwares is cheaper than Photoshop but offers many great image editing tools. With it, you can change the color levels, gradients, balance, and even correct the image perspectives. It has an abundance of filters to try and you can paint or draw on the image. What’s great is that you can turn your images into graphic design artworks!

4. Adobe Lightroom

Next on our list is another Adobe product: Lightroom. What is the difference between Photoshop and Lightroom? For starters, Lightroom is a mobile app.

Although comes from Adobe, Lightroom does not share many photo editing features with Photoshop. It is a simpler photo editing tool that really suits beginner. However, you can still do great image enhancement with it. Moreover, your work will be stored in the cloud storage so can you can sync and continue your work easily.

If you want to manage your workflow better, especially between PC and mobile device, you can also opt to buy Lightroom Classic (CC). It is a desktop version of Lightroom. You can get it subscribing to Adobe that starts at $9.99/month.

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5. Gnu Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)

When it comes to the best free photo editors, Gnu Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is the first name that comes to many people. It is an open-source photo editor. Although its free, it is considered to be the best photo editing software by some people.

Although it is a free software, you will be surprised that it is capable to do most of what Photoshop can do. GIMPS is the perfect editing tool for those who want to perform simple image editing since this editing program is so easy and fast to use.

GIMP also comes with a large community where you can find plugins and scripts that can help you to learn to and edit photos better. You will also be surprised to find that GIMP can edit images of all formats including RAW files.

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6. Skylum Luminar 4

If you get easily distracted by the many tools of Photoshop, you won’t be once you use Skylum Luminar 4. On each tab, the software lets you know its function. Skylum Luminar 4 is also the top choice for editors who have a massive workload, as the software has a batch processing feature that allows you to apply the preset on numerous images at once. Unlike Adobe image editing software, you can do a one-time purchase on Skylar Luminar 4 and have it installed on various devices!

7. Darktable

This software can be a serious contender for the best image editing software for beginners. It serves as a light table and darkroom for your images. No wonder that this software is the go-to for many beginner photographers as it offers various easy-to-understand features, such as lens correction, watermark, haze removal, and many more. Darktable is both an image editing software and organizer, so a whole package for newbie photographers.

8. Pixlr 2021 design edition

Pixlr is the best photo editor to view photos right into Google Chrome for Free. Experience next-level photo editing and graphical design with AI-powered tools for quickly but professionally edited images. Pixler editor open most of the image format including PSD (Photoshop), PXD, JPEG, PNG (transparent) WebP and many more. Choose from a blank canvas or choose one of our professionally designed templates.

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Those are image editing softwares that you can try. There are many photo editing software that you can choose. Make sure you pick on that has the feature you really need and often use. Image editing is a tough process to learn, but you can definitely master it slowly by using these recommendations of image editing softwares for image manipulation and image adjustments.

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