5 Tricks Using Photoshop as A Pro

5 Tricks Using Photoshop as A Pro

By the time, something has changed our perspective about how we create an image. Something was turned us became like pro when editing a picture, which is Photoshop. Photoshop becomes a standard image editor recently. That’s why, many people using Photoshop to create good picture especially in post-production. So, if you are looking an easy way to use Photoshop, then dropicts will guide any way.

Photoshop gives many benefits, and touched any stages. Now, photography is quietly connected with Photoshop to give better result. Your Photoshop skill becomes gold in this modern era. But if you don’t have any skill at all, there are some easy tricks how to use Photoshop as expert. Photoshop may enhance your photo becomes incredible masterpiece. So, pay attention to this tricks.

1. Knowing a Shortcut Key

Using a shortcut will make your job finish quickly. You may learn the keyboard shortcut first before using Photoshop. Shortcut key will speed up your task and get more productivity. You can learn the keyboard shortcut by open the tool inside Photoshop. For the first step, just learn an important shortcut that you may want to use it.

To learn a shortcut key in Photoshop, open tab view, then select keyboard shortcut.

2. Improving Color

Color plays important part in editing image. A color sometimes representing you and your skill. Color just like sound, it can speaks and tell about the condition from the image. To improve color in Photoshop you must know about saturation and vibrance. You can find this setting on tab menu, adjustment, saturation. Saturation will improve the color intensity, and vibrance will do the opposite.

To open the vibrance, go to the tab menu, choose the adjustment, select vibrance, then set the value.

3. Vignetting Picture

In the short term, vignete is darkening the object at the center. This technique mostly used to give a focus point to the main object. Vignete just like gradation between two colors and it will darken the background around the object. Go to tab filter, lens correction, custom. You can makes some adjustment by moving a point. Left slide to make darken, right to make lighten, and midpoint to make both equal.

To adjust a vignette, moving let make darken, right to lighten, middle to stay balance between darken and lighten.

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4. Other Details

You may add the detail setting by open every menu in the tab. Try to use the keyboard shortcut that you have learned. Don’t forget to select the layer first before doing any editing. Add sharpen to the image to pop the image details. Give some appropriate value to the image to create image more sharpen and fancy.

A list of menu in the main Photoshop layer, you can adjust the image setting by selecting one effect.

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5. Creating Filter

Photoshop gives different type of filter that you can use. This kind of type gives the different result in every images. Filter has a function to keep your work as you want it. In fact, filter is automatic effect that patched in Photoshop. You can filter the layer to keeping the setting you did by selecting tab filter then filter gallery.

You may choose one type of filter or choose another type by repeat all the step as same.

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