How to Make Image Background Transparent For Product Photos

How to Make Image Background Transparent For Product Photos

Every small business owner needs to know how to make image background transparent for their product photos. Product photos with a transparent background can attract the customer at the first glance and they can focus on the product’s detail such as the colour, texture, shape, etc. That’s why it’s important for every small business owner to change their product image background into transparent. Then, how to make the image background transparent? 


How to Make Image Background Transparent Using Adobe Photoshop

The easiest tool to change your image background is Adobe Photoshop. You can try to take photo products with a green screen or even with a background still can do in Adobe Photoshop. Now you already have the pictures you want to edit, let’s go to the editing process below:


1. Cut the Product

In Adobe Photoshop, you can use the ‘quick select’ tool to choose the part you want to cut. For example, your product is a t-shirt and you take your product photo on the floor, you can ‘quick select’ all of the t-shirt parts by holding your left-click and spread the cutting line onto the t-shirt edges. If the line goes over the t-shirt edges, then you can deselect it by holding alt + left-click. Make sure the cut is clean and perfect. You can zoom in to check on the detail lines of the cutting.


2. Place the Cutting In The New Layer

After the cutting process, now you can try to make a new layer and move the cutting part to there. You can just delete the original photo from the first layer. It’s simple, right? The white-grey tiles on the new layer indicate the transparent background. Just put the cutting product photo in the middle or any position as you wish.

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3. Finishing Touch

For the finishing touch, you can do some editing to make your photo product more stands out. Try to adjust the colour, saturation, contrast, and brightness for basic editing if you are new to Adobe Photoshop. If you want to place the products for mockup apps/web or even on the other background, you can just simply insert a new background and copy-past the cutting part on it. When you are done, you can save the picture to PNG (Portable Graphics Format). 


Let Dropicts Do It for Your Business

That is the information you need to know about how to make image background transparent for product photos. It only takes 3 steps for you to make the image background transparent. Of course, if you are planning to grow your business, there will be plenty of product photos you need to edit and it will be hard for you to do the photo product editing while handling your customer. So, if you need help with background removal for your product photo, Dropicts is willingly to help you in order to grow your business. Check our website for background removal service and let us do a little touch to make your product photo more stands out so we can attract more customers to buy your products.

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