7 Perfect Product Photography Lighting Setups

product photography lighting setups

Product photography lighting setups are an important part of getting the best product photos. You know how exciting it is to do product photography because it’s fun and a lot of business takes too. In addition, product photos can also be modified in such a way as to get the best results.

Product photos in the studio cannot be separated from the lighting. The lighting provided by the lighting equipment in the studio makes the product stand out more. We have some setups for lighting product photography here!


Product Photography Lighting Setups

There are a total of seven lighting setups that you can choose from for product photos. What is the set of setups for maximum product photo lighting?


1. Ring Light

The ring light can provide overall lighting to the product to be photographed. You can place it parallel to the product on the front. But remember, don’t get too close to keep the lighting looking subtle. The ring light is indeed recommended for product photography, but if the product being photographed has a bright color, it will make it too over the top.

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2. Overhead Light

Do you have lighting that has a high tripod that can be pointed downwards? Then use it for product photography. This method makes the product look more edgy and ambiguous, especially products that have dark colors. The product that is often photographed using this lighting setup is wine.


3. Direct Front Light

The direct front light is the easiest to do. But don’t forget that the distance between the lighting and the product should not be too close and at eye level. Then, don’t get too excited about the background. If there are too many ornaments in the background, choose a very low aperture number like 1.8.

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4. Two Lights

Two lights from the left and right sides of the object with a 45-degree slope allow all sides of the object to get the right lighting. Shadows that sometimes appear can also disappear.


5. Three Lights

Next, there is a setup with three lights on the front, left, and right sides of the product. The use of these three lights does provide lighting that is much more perfect than the three lights. But remember, sometimes there is no dramatic side to the photo. It looks very flat.


6. Triangle Setup with Three Lights

Three lights have a different placement setup. You can put it on the front (one light) and rear (two lights on the left and right with a 45-degree angle). This setup makes the product not look too flat and can make the object remain the main focus so that it is not disturbed by the background.

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7. Separation Setup with Three Lights

Do you feel that the product is still disturbed by the background? Use a separation setup with three lights. The two lights on the left and right rear can be directed to the background, not to the product. This setup creates lighting that can make the focus on the product bigger.

Of the seven photography lighting setups that we discussed, which one is the best? In the end, the lighting setup is indeed more fun if it is accompanied by your experiments. But don’t forget to retouch the product photos to make them cooler. Do you need professional photo retouching services support? Dropicts is here for you with services for professional products and businesses. Call us right now!

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