10 DIY Photo Backdrops Ideas

Easy DIY Photo Backdrop Ideas

Are you one of those business people who are confused about making creative photo products because you already run out of photo backdrops ideas? Well, inspiration can come from anywhere, maybe there are more things you haven’t try.

By combining great photo backdrops ideas and image editing you can make photos that can help your business run smoothly. Dropicts is here as a product image editing service that you can rely on. This is good news for all e-commerce business platforms that always search for new photo backdrops ideas and also need a product image editing service. And here’s 7 DIY Photography Backdrops Ideas You Can Try

You can also try to elevate your product photos with these fun, cheap, and easy DIY backdrop ideas. You can also use these inspirations for your next photoshoots with family and friends.


DIY Backdrop Ideas That You Can Try

1. Paper Pinwheel

If you are into a colorful backdrop, then this simple idea can be fun DIY project for you. Grab a colored paper and turn them into this gorgeous wall full of colorful paper pinwheels! It’s easy to make, just fold the paper in the same steps as making an origami paper fan. Once you’re done, fold them in two and release them.

Place them on the wall with tape. You can also make a color gradient paper pinwheel backdrop as long as you have the right colored papers. These DIY backdrop ideas can create a festive mood in your images, and adding some paper chains and balloons as an object can emphasize this mood.


2. Paper Flowers

What about a mystical theme? You can do these DIY photography backdrops idea with the help of dried vines and flowers. You can either use the real ones or purchase the fake paper flowers ones on your preferred e-commerce site. Don’t forget to use a brown and green yarn to connect the vines and real or paper flowers together, so it will look as if you’re standing on a hanging garden.

If you want something more simple, you can try other DIY photography backdrops idea using dried flowers. One example is by taping each pieces on the wall, hanging them on the strings, or simply scattering them on the ground and let the model or person lie on the flowers. Creating natural vibes for your photo shoots.


3. Futuristic Tin Foils

For those who are interested in a futuristic theme and have inspiration of future-looking images, you can try the idea of this DIY backdrop using tin foils. It’s very easy to do, just crumple up several tin foils and tape these tin foils on the wall. The trick is to highlight the tin foils using colorful LED lights to make the tin foils reflect these gorgeous and futuristic-looking colors in the background.

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4. Easy Tapestry

Another DIY backdrop ideas are for people on a budget and don’t want to run around grabbing equipment. One of the easiest photo DIY photo backdrops ideas is by simply hanging your favorite tapestry on the wall or curtain rod. Just make sure that the tapestry is clean and in good condition. However, ripped up tapestry can also look good for photoshoots with dark or spooky themes.


5. Vintage Gold Fringe

Want to feel festive or emulate your very own The Great Gatsby party? Simply tape several gold fringe on your wall and it’s done! There are many party shops that sell gold or silver garlands, but you can also make one by cutting up the fringe on gold or silver paper. A classic DIY photo backdrops ideas, parties decorations, or unique weddings photo booth backdrop ideas.


6. Wrapping Paper

This might be the cheapest DIY project for photo backdrops idea. All you need is tape at your disposal and wrapping paper or if you want to make it more unique use tissue paper. Just make sure that the wrapping paper you’ve chosen has great motives, colors, and preferably matte to ensure that it won’t reflect light. This idea is especially great for baby or toddler photo shoot.


7. Crazy for Paints in Your DIY Photo Backdrops

If you want to take more colorful photos, you can trust this DIY photo booth backdrop idea. All you need is a plastic bag or white paper to hang on the wall in your home or photo studio. Then, you can splatter some acrylic paint on them. This way, you can ensure that your wall is clean and spot free from paint, yet the photo results will look amazing with these paint splatters all around. For all of the photographers, you can create a fun photo with this DIY photography backdrops idea.


8. Paper Plates

Once the party is over, to be frank, paper plates are simply useless. However, you can use paper plates as one of colorful photo backdrop ideas. Simply mix and match the color of the leftover paper plates and tape them into a wall to create a simple backdrop.

Not only with the color, you can also play with how you place them. Find and create an interesting pattern to create an even more interesting backdrop for your own photo booth or party photo booth.


9. Streamers

Another thing that can be quite useless when all the party is over. Similar to paper plate, you can simply repurpose your party streamers into a beautiful backdrops into a DIY photo booth backdrop. It is as simple as picking colors that you like and mix well, tape them into a well, and start taking nicely coloured photographs.


10. Paper Chains

If you are willing to spend extra time and work to make an interesting photo booth backdrop, then you might be interested with this project. Paper chains is something that will almost never wrong for any kinds of photo. It can blend nicely, and you can make the design however you see fit.

You can even ask some people to help you make it to have a better experience. Unleash your creativity and find shapes that are unique and interesting. Once finished, you can simply hang it on the wall. For more extra effect, hang it in front of white wall to add some beautiful contrast that works well in monochrome photographs.


Those are DIY backdrop ideas that you can apply to your own DIY photo backdrops. Well, we hope with this information you can create cool photos to share on your social media or I’m your photo shoot. Interested to try out these DIY photo backdrops ideas? One thing for sure, you can trust Dropicts to make your photos perfect, from editing to retouching. Click our banner to know more about Dropicts.  And if you have more unique ideas, we are waiting for your comments!

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