How to Take Macro Flower Photography for Beginners?

macro flower photography

There are many things that you can apply in macro flower photography if you want to get a breathtaking flower image. But the most important thing is you should know the right composition and many other things to get a perfect macro flower picture.

Throughout this article, we want to share some tips that might be helpful if you want to master macro flower photography. Just check the information below for further information.

Macro Flower Photography Tips

There are 5 things you need to know to do macro flower photography. What are the 5 things?

1. Focus on Flower Details

Macro flower photography is about details. That’s why you need to focus on the flower’s details like on the petal or maybe the pollen tube.

If you want to be more flexible and creative, try to understand your photography object and find any details that can captivate your attention right away. People only can see the message through an image if the photographer knows very well about the photography object.

2. Find The Right Amount of Natural Light

There is one mistake that often happens when someone tried to take a macro picture of the flower. They often take a picture on a bright sunny day.

They are not wrong about taking a picture of a flower in that situation but you should know that the direct light from the sun doesn’t give some shadow to your picture. You need the shadow to emphasize the details of the flower.

To control the natural light source, you can just prepare one reflector that can be useful in creating a shadow. Find the right position when you place the reflector to get a balanced composition between the light source and the shadow you want to create.

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3. Use Tripod

Tripod is the essential kit for photographers to take any pictures, including flowers. With a tripod, you can have a close-up range and stay stable while trying to focus on capturing the flower details.

4. Find The Right Viewpoint

Angle is everything in photography. You need to find the right angle to get a harmonized composition on the flower image.

Some photographers like to have a symmetry angle, some also like to take from the side of the flowers, and some also like to take from the upper angle to capture the whole details of the flower structure. Flower’s detailed picture can be appealing to whoever sees the image and you might want to show their beautiful composition to everyone.

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5. Do Some Editing and Cropping

The last thing you need to do in macro flower photography is done some editing. If cropping needs to be done in this editing process to find a better cutting, feel free to do it. Also, you can do some adjustments in saturation to bring out the color from the flowers.

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Now, you can just go outside and find a spot to hunt the flower pictures using the steps above. Keep practicing hard so you can get perfect composition details on the flower image.

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