How to Increase Resolution of Image in Photoshop

how to increase resolution of image in Photoshop

A larger image resolution makes the image have a larger size as well. Resolution is the number of pixels in dimensions of width and height. But many do not know how to increase resolution of image in Photoshop.

That’s right, you can increase the resolution of a photo in Photoshop in a few steps. Are you curious? Check out this insightful information from Dropicts below.

How to Increase Resolution of Image in Photoshop in 5 Steps

Increasing the resolution of a photo in Photoshop can be done under several conditions. You can increase the resolution of a low photo to a high one, but the result is pixelated. You can see the individual dots coming together to form the image.

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So, you have to make sure what the size of the photo is before increasing the resolution. Here are five steps you can take step by step to increase the resolution of your photos successfully in Photoshop.

1. Check Image Size

The first step you have to do is look at the image size. Go to Image > Image Sizeā€¦ or use the shortcut Opt + Cmd + I (Alt + I for Windows).

After that, you will see the Image Size box. It contains information about the width, height, and resolution. Photoshop will adjust your image so that it is in the most appropriate condition. Don’t worry, the original image will still be in 100% condition.

With this tool, we will increase the resolution of the photo. Now is the time to move on to the next step.

2. Change Image Size

To change the image size, you can click Fit To. Then a document size option will appear, from A4, A6, Legal, Letter, and others. You can choose the most suitable document. If you want to upload an image online, you can freely choose the image size according to your needs.

Don’t forget, Photoshop will still maintain the aspect ratio. For example, when you enter a new width, Photoshop automatically changes the height of the image to keep it looking proportional.

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3. Increase Resolution

Now is the time for you to increase your resolution. For printing, 300 pixels is said to be the most appropriate. But actually, 300 DPI is the most appropriate. However, if the photo appears on the computer screen, only 72 DPI is displayed. The reason is that most screens are 72 DPI.

Changing the DPI will make changes to the image size. If your image size is 300, then change the DPI to 150, then the image will be half the size. Image size will also change.

4. Resampling Mode

You can select the resampling mode to get the latest pixels. There are two options to increase the resolution, namely, Preserve Details and Bicubic Smoother.

You can get the best results with Bicubic Smoother because the results are smoother and nicer. Then tick the Resample box for this setting to work.

5. Sharpening

Finally, you can sharpen the image so that the image resolution is more visible when uploaded to the website. Go to Filter > Sharpen and select Unsharp Mask. Drag the Amount slider to 100%. Then select Radius to be 1.0. to start enlarging an image.

So that’s how to increase resolution of image in Photoshop. But if you are confused, we have professional photo retouching services. Dropicts is here for you with services for professional products and businesses. Call us right now!

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