How to Take Sharp Photos in Low Light

How to Take Sharp Photos in Low Light | Dropicts

How to take sharp photos in low light? This question is often asked because so many people decide to take pictures at night to take the atmosphere. But with less lighting, it is certain that the photos are not good enough. If indeed you use a DSLR camera. then you need to do the right settings. Want to know how to set a DSLR camera to take photos with minimal lighting? Check out the full explanation with Dropicts.


Easy Steps How to Take Sharp Photos in Low Light

There are five easy ways to take sharp photos in low light. Everything depends on the settings on the DSLR to how you take the photo. Let’s discuss them one by one.


1. Use High ISO

For the first step, use a high ISO in the settings section. Why the high ISO? High ISO numbers around 800 to 6400 provide natural lighting which makes the image brighter.

Even so, high ISO does have its drawbacks. The higher the ISO number used, the image quality looks less good. However, if there is no other tool that can provide sufficient light quality for the photo, then the only way is to use a high ISO.


2. Use a Large Aperture Lens

In addition to high ISO, what you can do on a DSLR camera is to use a large aperture on the lens. Lenses with a large aperture are advantageous in dark light conditions. The larger the aperture, the greater the light entering the camera.

If you really want to use a very large aperture, the ISO setting does not need to be too high. Around ISO 400-1600 is also sufficient.

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3. Use the Continuous Drive Feature

In DSLR cameras, the Continuous Drive feature is now available. This feature allows you to take photos in succession by pressing the shutter button for a few seconds. From the several photos that have been taken, you can get the best photo with the most appropriate light level.


4. Pay Attention to the Direction of Light

If you do see a light source that can be used in the photo shoot, try to pay attention to the direction of the light. Is the light just right enough to hit the object? Or even the photo object is covered in shadow due to the light.

Whatever happens, don’t forget to pay attention to the direction of the light because it is quite helpful in giving the best photo results. Even with the right settings, your photos can be more dramatic than previously thought.


5. Use a Tripod

A tripod is one of the supporting equipment for DSLR cameras that must be carried in low light shooting. The purpose of a tripod is to keep the camera steady when the selected shutter speed is slow. With the presence of a tripod, you don’t need to be afraid of blurry photos. Usually, the use of a tripod is used when you want to shoot photos of the city, sky, or natural scenery at night. The results must have been even more dramatic when making use of a tripod and slow shutter speed.

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Of the five ways how to take sharp photos in low light that have been given above, which one is your favorite? You can combine each of these methods to get the best results. But when the photos are still not good, don’t be confused. Dropicts is here to provide product image editing services with maximum results thanks to the experience of supporting various types of businesses in the photo processing process. Visit Dropicts for more information.

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