Understanding Focal Length in Prime Lenses

Understanding Focal Length in Prime Lenses

Prime lenses usually has benefits to improve image quality with exceptionally. This type of lenses mostly used by camera with poor quality zoom lens. The use of prime lens will drastically increase the image quality level. For you who don’t know, there is a differences between zoom lens and prime lens. And it’s important for you to know because don’t want to waste your money for buying a wrong stuff.

Imagine this, you may zooming in and zooming out with your camera when taking a picture. But, prime lens don’t zoom. In other words, prime lens can’t be zoom in or out. Yes, whatever the way you use, prime lens won’t zoom and stay fixed at focal length distance. Here’s a few tips that Dropicts can give to you

focal length
Some types of prime lenses, from left to right: sigma 30mm f/1.4, canon 50mm f/1.4, canon 85mm f/1.8.

About Focal Length

Maybe you ever tried this. When you want to take a shoot in front your object, sometimes you step forward or even backward. So, a focal length is distance between a camera lens and the object. As a comparison, a normal lens which is zoom lens just needs to scroll it to use and you just stay there. But, a prime lens need yourself to move in or out and the lens keeps to stay.

Perhaps you ask to yourself, why buy a lens that can’t be changeable? Well, first, a prime lens is cheaper than zoom lens because it can’t be interchangeable. Another benefits from prime lens is give you beautiful image in low light conditions with great focus. It means, prime lens will focused on your object and blurred the background around the object. A zoom lens rarely lower than f/2.4, and prime lens has f/1.4. f is representing focus. The lowing the number, more focus you get and better ability to shoot in low light.

Things to consider before you buy any prime lens :

    • Camera type

First think first, you should consider your camera type, this is the important thing. Try to take a look your camera again before decides to get any prime lens. For DSLR camera, it may cropped body. The prime lens and zoom lens have differences in the result and it looks like was zoomed in. Prime lens don’t zoom, and captured more image body than ordinary DSLR camera.

focal length

    • Typical subject

Subject matter plays the most important thing when selecting a prime lens. You should consider the kind of product what you want to shoot. For example for food photography, food photographer usually captures the object closely, that make an 85 mm focal length is ideal. This lens will give you detailed shots without moving close to the object. Sometimes you can use wider lens, unfortunately the image that you resulted is a bit different from prime lens.

You need to move forward or backward steadily from the object when capturing an object, and it depends on a prime lens which you use.

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  • Try before buy

If you not sure what lens that you need, you may try it first. To be important part that you should try first before you buy. This act is avoid you from any mistake which may come in the future. If necessary, you may also rent this gear for a weekend.

An 85mm prime lens resulted cropped body than other type if taken at the same spot.

Meantime, you can get a fascinating image results if you have proper skills or techniques. The technique also plays an important role as the prime lens itself. If you are interested in photography techniques, depicts is the best professional photo editing services source that you ever seen. We also provide an image editor just in case you need our help with your photo.

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