5 Photography Ideas at Home

5 Easy Photography Ideas You Can Try at Home | Dropicts

Confused about looking for photography ideas at home? Take it easy, you don’t need to be confused anymore. Here are some interesting ideas for getting attractive and aesthetic photos just by doing a photoshoot at home. With easy and creative ideas, let’s follow some of the ideas below with Dropicts.


Photography Ideas at Home

You can actually do a photoshoot at home without the need to use professional services. Even by doing it yourself, you can be much better able to come up with interesting creative ideas to apply to the shoot. Included with the five ideas given here.


1. The Background of the Newspaper

Who has often found photos with backgrounds from newspapers? If indeed in your house there are quite a lot of used newspapers, instead of just being rubbish, you can use them to become a photo background.

Photos like this are trending because it’s easy to apply. You only need to prepare a few newspapers, then stick them on one of the walls of the room. Even if there is no newspaper, don’t be confused. You can use several sheets of books that are no longer used. The important thing is that there is a lot of writing in it so that it provides a different and unique design.

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2. Bedsheet As Background

Apart from using newspapers, you can also use bedsheets as a photo background. The selection of this mattress sheet is much easier in terms of use because you only need to hang it.

But don’t choose the wrong bed sheet design. You should use a plain white sheet to give it a neutral impression. Hang the bedsheet on one wall of the room so that it can give the impression of a natural background. Especially if you also get good lighting. Photos at home are even cooler!

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3. Virtual Photoshoot

The current pandemic condition has prompted the trend of virtual photoshoots to increase sharply. With the difficulty of meeting in-person to take a photoshoot, virtual photoshoots are much more relevant and able to provide a sense of security from the virus that is spreading.

Interesting ideas for virtual photoshoots can be started from determining the right angle to taking advantage of the depth of field effect by placing objects in front of the lens. The results given are much more aesthetic.

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4. Mirror Selfie

Mirror selfie is not a new photoshoot idea, but if you dare to add some ornaments, then the results will be even more interesting. The mirror that you have can be placed outside the house so that it provides a different background. Especially if the mirror is placed below so that it can capture a clear sky. The results will definitely be even more interesting for you to post on social media.


5. Projector Photoshoot

Have a projector at home? Don’t waste the projector by using it as a different and unique background. You only need to find a dark corner of the room, turn on the projector with an attractive image suitable for photo background, then take the photo right now. Usually, the photoshoot projector is used to find photos with a futuristic impression and looks more modern than some of the other ideas that have been given above.

So those are photography ideas at home that you can practice right away. If you want to give your photos various other edits but are confused about how to do it, don’t hesitate to contact Dropicts, which provides professional photo retouching services. Visit Dropict now for more information.

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