6 Tips For Buying DSLR Camera That You Need To Know

Things to Know Before Buying A DSLR Camera

Nowadays with such a wide range of options in different cameras, it is so easy to get lost and frustrated. Especially when it comes to buying a new digital camera. Buying a DSLR camera is a great investment whether you’re completely new to the hobby of photography or you’re upgrading your equipment from a shoot camera. But with so many options out there, how do you choose the right one? Every camera has so many specs and features that it’s hard to tell them apart. You need to know the camera first, otherwise, you’ll spend a lot of money without getting the best types of equipment. In this article, we’ll take a look at the various tips for buying a DSLR camera for your needs.

Why You Need DSLR Cameras

Before walking further into what you need to know about dslr camera, you need to understand first why you need it in the first place. Sure, if you just really want one, that is fine. However, for those of you who are still wondering whether or not you should get yourself one, here are several reasons.

1. Image Quality

The simplest reason why you need to have a DSLR camera is just pure quality. DSLR cameras offers a better image quality; both pictures and video quality. This is due to the larger image sensor in DSLR camera that can capture larger pixels and built-in noise reduction that produce better results.

This is not the only justification for the thousands of dollars that you need to spend only for the camera body. DSLR camera can also be used with faster shutter speed and larger ISO which allows you to be flexible at all situation.

2. Performance and Adaptability

DSLR camera works really fast in terms of starting up, focusing, and working around lag. Having a DSLR camera also opens many possibility for your works.

The kit lenses you receive can also work wonders. However, the fun part starts when you start attaching specialty lenses, such as zoom lens, wide-angle lens, and many more to your mirrorless cameras. You can also start adding additional peripherals to help you work well in any kind of situation.

3. Optical Viewfinder

When working with DSLR cameras, you can always make sure that what you see on the view find is what you will get.

4. ISO Range

As has been mentioned before, DSLR cameras come with a larger ISO range. This means that you can adapt yourself to many situations and get the best possible picture.

5. Manual Controls

If there is anything distinctive between the good, professional photographers, and an amateur is the mastery of manual controls. Professional cameras allow photographers to control their own camera’s settings. While there is still the good old auto mode, DSLR cameras for photographers who want total control over their work.

What You Need To Know Before Buying DSLR Cameras

1. The Lens

Things to Know Before Buying A DSLR Camera

Before choosing a DSLR, make sure to check whether your choice is a mirror-less or interchangeable lens cameras or not. This is important because different from a point and shoot cameras with fixed lenses, DSLR truly excels because you can attach many kind of lenses to it.

Nikon, Canon, and Sony are the mostly used brands in the market that have promising kit lens choices. However, Nikon lenses are more affordable when compared to Canon and Sony. While you won’t need to rush out and spend thousands of dollars on lenses as soon as you get a new camera, you’ll probably buy them in the future when you hit the limits of what your current setup can do.

2. They’re Not Come with a Memory Card

Things to Know Before Buying A DSLR Camera

When you purchase a DSLR or any digital camera don’t expect the camera to come with enough memory storage to handle your photography needs. Nowadays, most digital cameras, if they come with any memory card at all, will only be packaged with a 16 or 32 memory card. It used to be enough for a couple dozen pictures.

But, if you are taking high-quality pictures especially for product photography in RAW format, they may take up your memory space pretty quickly as they tend to be large files. Prepare to spend more money on at least one extra memory card.

3. Takes Time to Learn How to Use It

Taking A Photo Near A Tutor

DSLRs and mirrorless camera is highly technical equipment. You don’t need to take courses to use one, but you do need to put a bit of time into understanding how to control it. If you aren’t prepared to do that, you’re probably better off with your smartphone or a point-and-shoot camera.

4. Camera Body

Body camera - Tips for buying dslr

Because most cameras look pretty alike, you need to make sure the economics of a DSLR is perfect for you. Then you should check for dedicated microphones, HDMI port, and the number of custom buttons. It would prefer to go with the cameras with an LCD touchscreen display that is easy to operate and allows you to check out if a DSLR has a flipping display or not because it will become convenient.

5. Photo Editing

Tips for buying DSLR - photo editing

Before buying a DSLR camera, you should know the basic photo editing. Good cameras shoot photos in the RAW image format. It holds a lot of data than other image formats. But, one has to develop the files on a digital platform. If you don’t, you’ll get plain JPEGs that don’t take advantage of the DSLR’s power. Photo editing isn’t hard. But, to become a skillful photo editor, you have to give effort and time into it. If you don’t have much time to do photo editing, Dropicts is always ready to get rid of your worryness. From professional photo editing services, product image editing services, photo correction service, until professional photo retouching services for your solutions.

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6. DSLR Camera Reviews

DSLR Camera Reviews -Tips For Buying DSLR Camera

To help you decide, we’ve factored in price, size and features to create a list that covers the best cameras in each category. Here are five websites with a variety of digital camera reviews, some of them even have sample photos taken from different cameras:

If you are new to the world of camera and still do not have a clear goal about which professional camera to choose, the best way is to stick well-known camera brand. Try to narrow your search by looking for entry level DSLR. Entry level cameras provide a good hands-on experience for you and once you are ready to commit, you can start buying other photography equipment for your journey as one of enthusiast photographers.

Another thing to do if you are new to the world of camera is to visit the camera store. There you can ask for help from the expert to list the right entry level DSLRs for you.

So there are the last tips for buying a DSLR camera. By comparing the sensor size, megapixel resolution, lenses, and various other specs on each camera, you’ll get a much better idea of what you’re getting for your needs. Use your time wisely, and don’t forget to reflect on your past year so you know which direction you want to move towards and plan your journey ahead in terms of the goals you would like to achieve this year.

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