How to Blur Background in Photo like Bokeh

how to blur background in photo

Do you want to know how to blur background in photos using an editing application? You can make your background photo blur like the bokeh effect from a DSLR camera.

As you can see, not every camera especially mobile phones can give you a blur effect in the background and this makes some people feel unpleasant with the result. But apparently, you still can fix it through the editing process.

The problem with editing is you need to do extra effort to select the background and measuring the amount of blur to make it looks good. Then, how to edit the background photo to make it blur?

Through this article, we will give you some tips on how to blur background in photos using some editing tools. It is very easy and you can try it by yourself.


How to Blur Background in Photo using Editing Application

There are 3 editing applications we recommend you use as an editing tool to make a blurred background below:

1. Instagram Editing 

Most people want to do photo editing to upload it on their Instagram account. Do you recognize that there is a feature that allows you to blur the background?

The feature is named by vignette and users can choose how they want to blur the background between circular blur or linear blur. The minus point from this feature is you can’t select the specific object and it just blurs everything within the range of shape automatically.

For example, you have a picture of a selfie right in the center of the frame and you choose the circular shape of the vignette. The blur will surround the object, but there will be some background that stay as it is (won’t get blur).

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2. Adobe Photoshop

Next, we have Adobe Photoshop which can let you choose any part you want to blur. It is easy to use Adobe Photoshop to blur the background of the image.

The first thing to do is you have to duplicate the layer, then do some changes with the 2nd layer. You can find the blur setting on ‘Filter’ > ‘Blur’ > ‘Gaussian Blur’ and you can start with 50 for the radius of the blur.

You can do some adjustment as needed to make the picture looks natural as if it is taken by DSLR camera. There is also another blur option that you can try.

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3. PicsArt

The last application you can use and the most recommended for mobile phone users is PicsArt. You must be aware of this editing application on mobile, right?

The problem with this application is it has a limited way to blur your picture, almost the same as Instagram editing tools. But, you can do more than what Instagram give on their blur feature

That’s all the information we can give you about how to blur background in photo like bokeh. It is very easy and simple, right?

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