How to Blur Part of a Photo on Mobile Everyone Should Know

how to blur part of a photo

There are 3 ways of how to blur part of a photo. Blur or sometimes you may call with bokeh can give the aesthetic vibes for your picture. But besides that, you can also use blur to hide something such as private information and license plates number. So, the question is how to do it? How to blur part of a photo as you wish? Through this article, we will give you a piece of important information about 3 ways you can do to blur part of a photo.

Why I Need To Blur Image Background

Apart from hiding private information as mentioned above, there are several benefits that you can get by blurring photo background. For starters, the most common reason that people or photographers blur photo background is to draw viewer’s attention to the main subject as the focal point. This is especially true if your image background has tons of objects.

With a background blur, you can also hide unwanted objects. Another reason is to use an image as a background. Blurred picture is a good fit for a presentation background. It does not take away viewer’s attention and still provide some eye-candy. Blur background can also be used as a marketing material. For example, you can take a beautiful scenery image, add some blur effects, and put some texts on top of it for simple and great content.

How to Blur Part of a Photo

There tons of way you can blur whole or just a part of a picture. Even mobile phone camera already has a feature to create a blur effect. If you want some extra touch, you can always opt for photo editing tools to blur images.

Here are several methods that you can try to create a blur effect:

1. Mobile Camera

As has been mentioned above, most of the mobile camera nowadays can help you to create blur effect easily. As has been mentioned above, most of the mobile camera nowadays can help you to create blur effect easily. Mobile camera does this by using an autofocus feature that allows you to focus or highlight certain parts and blur the objects around them.

It is the easiest way to blur your image. When you try to take a picture, touch the part that you want to focus on. For example, you want to take a pic of a flower in your garden, then you can touch on the flower and your camera will do the autofocus and make the background blurred.

Since this blur is created automatically, there is many limitations to this method. For starters, this method does not provide other kinds of blur such as radial blur. The bokeh effects created using a mobile phone camera is surely not as good as one created using professional camera or blur tool. So, if you think the blur photo effects provided by your mobile camera is not enough, you can try the next method.

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2. Instagram

You are more like to know Instagram as a social media platform. However, have you ever thought to use Instagram as an online tool to edit your image?

Instagram as an editing tool called ’tilt shift’. This feature allows you to make a radial blur or linear blur on your photo. The problem with using this feature is that the main focus only in the middle of the frame image. So, you can’t change the position of the main focus neither the part you want to blur.

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3. Photo Editing Apps

If you are looking for some really cool blur effect, then you need to use photo editing apps. Software such as Adobe Photoshop has all the tools you need to create cool blur effect. Apps allow you to blur the desired area and helps you to blur the background of an image easily.

If you only want to add blur effect, then you might not need an all-in-one editing app such as Photoshop that can also be used to retouch image even further. There are tons of paid and free version apps that can help you create blur effect. Here are some recommendations for you:

  • PicsArt
  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • Prisma
  • VSCO
  • Canva

One of the best thing about using an apps nowadays is that most of them are really easy to use. You can easily figure it out by yourself, or if you want to learn more about certain apps, you can find tutorials online easily. With just a few clicks, you can blur whole or part of a picture easily.

Make sure you have backed up the original image just in case you want to use another effect. Photo editing applications generally automatically save the edited image separately from the original image, so you don’t have to worry about it. But, just in case, you can still make a copy of the original image in your photo library.

Let The Expert Makes Your Photo Looks Great

So, there are 3 ways about how to blur part of a photo on mobile you can do. It is easy and simple to try.

You can create a blur effect by using the default camera application or by using a third-party application, such as Instagram or other applications. Today’s camera app is a strong photography equipment on its own and you can definitely get more help by using third party app. Feel free to keep experimenting on how to blur part of a picture to get you the best possible result.

With the help of online apps, you can blur part of a picture with just a few clicks. But, if you wish to make your photo looks great and not just a random blur without any editing that can make your photo stands out on your social media or for your professional platform, then you can try Dropicts image editing service that won’t let you down.Banner Dropicts Professional Image or Photo Retouching Services

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