5 Amazing Creative Watch Photography Ideas

creative watch photography

Photography watches for advertising needs is not easy. You have to dare to be different by providing interesting ideas out of the box. Creating creative watch photography is a really good challenge for photographers.

Why is it called a challenge to shoot a watch? The answer is that watches have different designs. The target market of each watch product is also quite different. This thinking makes you have to be able to create more maximum watch shots.

So, what are some creative watch photography ideas that can create amazing photos? Check out the information in Dropicts!


Creative Watch Photography Ideas

In total there are five ideas for getting creative watch photos. Some of these ideas you can use according to your needs, and you have to look at the capabilities and design of the watch.

1. Frozen in Time

‘Frozen in Time’ is an interesting watch photoshoot idea or theme with dramatic effect. You can make your watch look like it’s on water or surrounded by sand in various styles and shapes.

Sand or water that is drifting or splashing makes the presence of the watch stand out more. People who see the photo will be more focused on the watch. They can more easily admire the watch.

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2. Watch in the Water

You certainly know one of the features of a watch that is commonplace to have. That’s right, the answer is the water-resistant feature. This feature allows the watch to be in water depths of up to 30 meters.

If you want to highlight these features, you can shoot your watch by putting it in water. Take photos from several angles so that the entire photo can be a collage form. Interesting to try, right?


3. Smoke Around the Watch

Giving a dramatic effect to the photo of the watch for promotions and advertisements is indeed mandatory. Especially if the watch is specifically for men.

You can do a photoshoot by putting the watch in a portrait. Then give a smoke effect on the back, left, and right. But keep in mind, do not let the head of the watch is covered by smoke.

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4. Shadow on the Watch

In addition to the smoke effect, dramatic and mysterious effects for photograph watches can be obtained from shadows. You can place the watch on a flat surface, then point the light so that it can give a shadow effect.

Find the most appropriate angle so that the light and shadow effects can give the most fitting picture of the watch product. Try several angles for optimal photo results.


5. Watch the Surrounding

Watches have a choice of different colors. There are black, silver, gold, blue, brown, and even red. You can try to photograph your watch by placing it in an environment dominated by that color.

For example, if the watch is gold, just place it on a pile of gold-colored sand as well. In addition, if it is dominated by black, place it on black rocks. The results must be amazing and can attract attention. So those are some creative watch photography ideas that you can try. However, photos become better when they go through the retouching process. Do you need professional photo retouching services support? Dropicts is here for you with services for professional products and businesses. Call us right now!

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