How to Edit Instagram Photos

How to Edit Instagram Photos

Instagram is not only a social media platform where you can share your photos and videos to your friends and family. Now, it has taken over the marketing world. It is now one the most popular social media platforms with over a million photos uploaded every day. Most brands and companies have created their very own Instagram profile to market their products/services, and to engage with their customers. 

Instagram itself has become a complete application to provide eye catching photo editing results. There is a line of effects and filters in Instagram apps. Besides the effects and filters listed here, you can also add these photo posts to Instagram Stories with some add text and text overlays. We could say, Instagram apps are very worthy for you to choose as photo editors applications too.

Keep in mind, making eye catching photos and videos on Instagram apps can bring various benefits. You will get lots of likes, comments, and of course a lot of followers. Your Instagram account engagement is definitely getting higher! In addition, the back or front camera like the iPhone that produces your photos must also be able to provide the best possible color. That way, your way to benefit from Instagram.

With the many users of Instagram, it’s no wonder that the photos you upload must be attractive enough to get that like and gain more followers. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to have great Instagram feeds, just follow these steps on how to edit Instagram photos. 


Choose Your Filter

Don’t be afraid to use filters! You’ll be surprised how many influencers rely on filters to immediately transform their Instagram photos. Choosing the right filter is a fundamental step on how to edit Instagram photos. For those who have used a bunch of filters before, may already have a list of favorite filters. But for those who are still “green” when it comes to choosing filters, the best thing to do is just try each one out.


According to a study in the United States, Clarendon is the most used filter on Instagram because it is universally pleasing to the eyes. So, you can start with Clarendon filter. Other favorites include Lark, Gingham, and Juno. Some filters can darken the photos, and others can make them warmer. You can choose the filter based on what your photo is about and your preference.

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Adjust The Lux

When you’re editing photos on Instagram, you will see this icon that resembles the sun. This is lux, and you can quickly adjust it to make your photos more vibrant and more detailed. It’s probably the simplest step on how to edit Instagram photos and sometimes, that’s all it takes. Adjust the slider up and down and click Done once you are satisfied with the result.

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Adjust Other Aspects of Your Photo

Adjusting the lux may create this orange tint on your photos. Your success in finding out how to edit Instagram photos actually lie on the next step, which is adjusting the other aspects of your photos. These include the brightness, alignment, saturation, contrast, structure, warmth, highlights, sharpness, add text, text overlays, and shadows. Seems a lot of step by step, but you don’t have to adjust every single one of those to make your photo to be eye catching.


Instagram has this “sweet spot” to help you decide whether your adjustments are too much or not. You can click Done if you like the adjustment that you’ve made, or scrap it out by clicking Cancel. Most influencers swear by increased exposure and lowered saturation to make the colors pop and their skin glisten. 


Post it or Save it

Now after completing the steps on how to edit Instagram photos, it’s time for you to decide whether you want to immediately post it to your Instagram feeds or save it to your draft. We recommend for you to save it before posting it as sometimes you may find yourself wanting to edit it again. 


If you wish to upload multiple photos in one single post, you can actually edit each one separately. Just click the two circles icon on the bottom left, then Instagram will let you edit each photo to your liking.

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Recommended Photo Editing Tools for Instagram

Basically, you can edit your Instagram photos however you want, given the time and condition. You can edit your photos directly on Instagram, or on other photo editing applications. Here are several recommendations for you to add effect and filter or other things that make your photo look dazzling :

  • Afterlight 2
  • Snapseed
  • VSCO
  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • Retouch
  • Adobe Lightroom


Try out these simple step by step on how to edit Instagram photos to create attractive Instagram feeds and Instagram stories. Remember, practice makes perfect! As you edit your photos, you will find what kind of filters, add text with text overlay, and adjustments that you like, or you can try Dropicts as a product image editing services for your social media account. Don’t hesitate to try to edit your photo with our tools and create new next level picture with a different effect right now!

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