Food photography: challenging yet fun!

Food photography means combining delicacy and creativity in one frame. It can be very fun! But, sometimes it can be one of the most challenging types of photography. You have to construct the photo until you get a perfect balance. Food photography can serve as the differentiator on the industry. It can be the reason for people to decide ordering from your place.

You are telling stories from any food photos you take, either cocktail, homemade pasta, or roasted chicken. It’s all sounds simple, but when it comes to technically, it’s more complicated stories than others. Creating the mouth-watering photo is the best choices for every food photography. Here are some simple tips from us to creating a strong food photography for your restaurant:

1. Choose the Right Angle and Background

Angle from food photography will affect the type of story you want to tell. There are only a few angles in food photography. So, think wisely about it. You can decide it based on the food size, shape, height and what is unique about it.

Choosing background is also important. Neutral background like dark or a light background usually looks good for food photography. Or maybe a wooden table can be a great background, particularly if it’s near a windows. After you got the perfect angle and background, adding a little property might help you to make your food photography looks stronger.

2. Shoot in Natural Light (and take control of the shadows)

Shoot your food with an artificial light, it’s likely to create an ugly shadow in your photo. It will ruin your story and immediately turn off your audience. Although light is really important to help you creating beautiful still photos, you can use natural daylight for your food photography. Make sure your lighting source doesn’t distract the delicacy of the food!
When you feel that natural light can really help you to create a strong stories from your food photos, here is a little secret. You can do it near the window in your home, or just directly on your garden. Diffuser will help you to greatly improve the quality of light. Softening those hard, dark shadows and bright highlights caused by direct sunlight. Soft shadows are much more flattering to the subject, without dominating the scene.

3. Combining Several Menus or Ingredients

Your delicious food and background are both vital elements. Make your photos more interesting. The way you arrange your food will give you a big impact on the final result. Composition is the key! Don’t be afraid to play with some ingredients or another menus that will help to strengthen your image.

4. Set the Best Exposure Level

When you got the best composition, angle and a perfect lighting source for your scene, you have to adjust the camera’s exposure level. It simply refers to the brightness from your final image.

Over-exposure will cover up the details in every pieces of your food, and of course there is no delicacy on the frame. To avoid it, you have to expose the highlights. Set the best exposure levels, so you can see the details in the areas of the scene.

5. Use Human Element

Using your hand on frames can help you to create a sense of movement in the frame, otherwise the frame will look just like a static scene But, if you do photoshoot all by yourself, then this technique will need an extra care to keep your camera steady when you press the shutter button. And if you’re shooting a close-ups food photography, you don’t tend to use any additional decorations in the scene. But, don’t forget you have to use a great combination of color palette on a frame.

You can use any professional camera or by using your smartphone to create mouth-watering food photography. Once you understand the fundamental for food photography, then all you need is practice. Because practice makes perfect. Good luck!

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