Best Lighting Kits for Your Product Photography You Should Know

product photography lighting

As a photographer, achieving great product photography will affect the sales revenue in a positive way. Whether editing the result by yourself or using photo editing services, lighting kits for product photography will help you to deliver the best result.

How to decide which product photography lighting you should use? Scroll down to find out the answer and also some great recommendations from us!

Choosing the Right Product Photography Lighting

Before buying lighting for product photography, here are several tips for you:

1. Photography Type

The first thing you should consider before buying lighting kits is the photography type. Because each type of photography needs different kits. For instance, you can definitely cheat product photography with DIY kits. However, advanced lighting kits will be more helpful.

2. Budget

Second of all, never ignore your budget before buying the kits. Product photography lighting price may vary and you can have many choices. The expensive one will not always be the great one, nor the cheapest one. Every product has its own plus and minus side. Purchase the kits that most fit into your photography needs and your budget.

3. Colour Temperature

The next thing you should also consider is the colour temperature. Light is not only limited to the colour white, but also belongs to different colours and at what temperature it can be adjusted.

4. Function

When buying the lighting kits, do not only take a look at the product’s specification but also look closer to the function. It can be a specific socket to connect to the camera or certain buttons on the kits. Sounds painless but a small added function on the kit can make your work easier (or harder!).

5. Flash Mode Setting

Lastly, choose product photography lighting that has flash mode settings. This would be really helpful during the photo shoot. Flash mode can be set manually from the kits or with the help of an extension flash light device.

Product Photography Lighting Recommendation

After understanding several tips before choosing the lighting kits, here are some professional product photography lighting kits that you can consider.

1. ​​Slow Dolphin Photography and Video Studio Kit

The first recommendation for a product photography lighting kit is Slow Dolphin Photography and Video Studio Kit. This kit is quite complete and has a wide range of features.

It provides most of the functional features, starting from the backdrop stand until the umbrella reflectors. The pros of this product are the affordable price, various colour settings, and sturdy body. However, Slow Dolphin Photography and Video Studio Kit is less recommended for larger studios. The price of this product is $99 on Amazon.

  • The lighting kits will include:
  • Photographer backdrop stand
  • Digital Full Spectrum Light Bulb 105 W Photo CFL 5500 K
  • 86″ Tall Studio Quality High Output Umbrella Flash Strobe Light Stand
  • Studio Single Head Photo Lighting Fluorescent Light
  • 33″ White Photo Umbrella Reflector
  • 4.5″ Photography Muslin Backdrop Clamps

2. Yesker Photography Lighting Kit

If you are a beginner in the photography industry, a photography lighting kit from Yesker is a great choice. It is affordable, strong built, easily adjustable, and comes with a complete add ons. However, it’s less recommended if you use the softbox outdoors. Yesker Photography Lighting Kit sells around $140. The kits are including:

  • 4 pieces of 79-inch/200cm Light Stand
  • 2 Single Head Light Holder
  • 2 45W CFL Daylight
  • 8.5 x 10 ft Backdrop
  • 6 x 9 Muslin Backdrop (black, white green)
  • 2 x 20 x 28inch Softbox, with 2X85W 5500K bulb
  • 2 Photography Umbrella with 33 inch diameter lighting umbrellas

3. LimoStudio Photography Studio Lighting Kit

Another best budget lighting kit for photography is LimoStudio Photography Studio Lighting Kit. The price is around $70 but the features are quite complete if you are looking for an affordable product photography lighting.

In one set of LimoStudio Photography Studio Lighting Kit, you will find:

  • 45W CFL bulbs
  • 3 bulb sockets
  • 2 33-inch umbrella reflectors
  • 2 82.3-inch Light Stand

4. Elinchrom ELC 125 / 500 TTL To Go Set

If you often travel for product photo shoots, a recommended lighting kit for you is the Elinchrom ELC 125 / 500 TTL To Go Set that is easily found in online markets. It has a compact design and a powerful flashead. However, to be highlighted, it is only recommended for close up photoshoot.

The Elinchrom ELC 125 / 500 TTL To Go Set comes around $850 and with the kits included:

  • 2 D-Lite RX 4 monolights with 100W modelling lamps
  • Case with handle and an accessory bayonet

5. Interfit Honey Badger 320Ws 2-Light Kit

The next recommended lighting that is becoming on-demand nowaday is the Interfit Honey Badger 320Ws 2-Light Kit. It has a compact design and is quite powerful for daily use. One set kit will come with:

  • 2 pieces of Flash Head
  • 2 protective cap
  • 2 power cable
  • 2 sync cable
  • 2 24″ pop-up softbox with diffusers
  • 2 pieces of 7’6″ Light Stand
  • A carry bag

6. Linco Lincostore AM169 Photo Studio Light Kit

Our last recommendation of product photography lighting is Linco Lincostore AM169 Photo Studio Light Kit. Especially if you are juggling with contents on TikTok, indoor, and outdoor photo shoots, this equipment will complete your work.

Linco Lincostore AM169 Photo Studio Light Kit sells at $140 which is pretty affordable, considering what comes within its package:
Pheno Photography Square Studio

  • Photo Silver Umbrella Reflector Softbox
  • 32″ Photo Studio White Premium Soft Umbrella
  • Carrying Bag
  • 77″ High 78″ Wide Background Support System
  • 5×10 Feet 3 Colour Backdrop (Black/White/Green)
  • 4 pieces of 77″ High Zenith Light Stand
  • 4 mini cirrus Light Head

Linco Lincostore AM169 Photo Studio Light Kit has several pros, such as being really easy to assemble before use. The price is also very affordable that might suit a beginner or home product photographer. The con is only a challenge to use the clamps, so you must handle it carefully.

Upscale Your Works With Product Photography Lighting!

That is all how you choose product photography lighting kits for your business and some recommendations of the products. Using lighting kits can help you achieve greater results in your portfolio, so don’t forget to choose the right one.

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