7 Techniques to Optimize Your Product Photography

7 Techniques to Optimize Your Product Photography

An online store usually depends on how we served, especially in the image product. It been proved that product photography lead sales. Well, there are some ways to optimize your product image that shared like you can found in dropicts, but this is DIY unique technique that you can try and is easy as ever.

Just follow this seven techniques and you guaranteed to get an incredibly images.

1. Prepare Your Product

Prepare your product by clean them and set them

Preparation is matter. Make sure you are prepare your product first. For example, you can clean them then set it to right position as you thought. If you sell a secondhand product, do not ever hide the imperfection. If you can’t fix it, leave it naturally and shoot them naturally to get customer understand about your product condition. Shooting accurately will give the customer satisfied and the result you get a good reputation as seller.

2. Set up Your Studio

Positioning your tripod and camera in front of your product directly

Choose a large room to accommodate your need as a studio. You don’t want something block your product while your shoot. In some conditions, you may able to use some natural light from your window. Don’t forget to use white backdrop to get maximal result. Use a seamless backdrop that can’t create any shadow.

3. Pick Your Lens

Lens between 24-70mm giving a good result if used in small studio area.

Choosing a camera lens is crucial because you didn’t want to get any distort. You may set to use macro or wide angle in this conditions. A multipurpose lens (versatile lens) will be useful. The lens range between 50-70mm give you result in minimal distortion. Actually, there is a good lens that you can used which is prime lens. The prime lens has a range between 24-70mm and fit to use in smaller area because the frame ability in zoom in and out. Keep in mind that your aperture must above f8 and the ideal aperture is at f16.

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4. Place your Tripod and Camera in the Right Position

Positioning your tripod and camera in front of your product directly

It quite important to use a tripod in this certain condition. Tripod will make your camera persistent from shoot to another shoot. Tripod also keeps camera from shake and blur. Your tripod must in front your product straightly.

5. Don’t Change The Style

Do not add something to your product may resulted dishonesty

In some condition, you may satisfied with this style, but not with the customer. What the customer want is seeing the product perfectly. The customer may didn’t like the way you treat the product. Changing your product may affecting on distraction and misleading.

6. Shoot in Different Angle

Try to take your photo from different angle to give clear image

Showing product in different angle giving a benefit for you and grab the customer attention. Shoot your product in any angle as possible. Use zoom in and out, front and back, and the detail though. Shoot your specific character like scratch or bump. The more you provide image in different angle, the more confident a customer feel to make a decision.

7. Optimize it in Post Production

For example, you can use dropicts to optimize your image

After capturing an image, sometime you should optimize it in post production. A little Photoshop may give an image with higher quality. As the result, it leads your shoot presenting your skills.

You can remove any mark that you don’t in your image. Don’t forget to use highlight if you shoot a big product or reflective product. Soften them and add a shadow if necessary. Read our guide to optimize your image in post production

Do repeat if needed

You can use this DIY technique to produce other image with same step. All you need is knowing your product, your equipment, and your technique both in capturing or post production. Meantime in the post production, you can use our service as a product image editing services to get sensational result. Try to combine it all and you may the best result as you want.

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We are very happy be able to help you enhance your product image for your e-commerce site. We would like to see your e-commerce store looks beautiful and professional. For more product image optimization be sure to follow us and stay tuned to our latest article.