Editing Tips: How to Make Photos Look Vintage

how to make photos look vintage

Vintage pictures have still become a trend until now. It can give nostalgic vibes to the picture. That’s why, if you want to know how to make photos look vintage, check this article out.

The ordinary picture can be turned into a vintage picture, as long as you know how to edit it and which part should be edited to accentuate the vintage vibe. A usual vintage filter won’t cut off and it will just give a plain ambiance to your picture.

In this article, Dropicts will give some tips on how to make your photos look vintage. These tips can be applied to any photo editing software you are familiar with.

5 Ways of How to Make Photos Look Vintage

There are 5 ways that you can try to make photos look vintage by going through the editing process:

1. Lowering The Contrast

The first thing you can do in making photos look vintage is to lower the contract. The low contract can make a picture look old and that’s what we want to get from the vintage picture.

When you lower the contrast, you can slightly increase the brightness to create a highlight or fade. It will help you to increase the details of the picture.

2. Adding The Vignette

A vignette can be used to darken the edges of the picture. This effect usually can be found in any real vintage picture and that’s why you need to add the vignette to the picture.

Same as lowering the contrast, when you add the vignette, you also need to brighten the image, especially the object or subject. The brightness will prevent the lack of details in your image.

3. Giving The Tint

Do you recognize that some photo paper has color deterioration? Therefore, we need to add some tint from yellow, green, or blue to make the picture look more vintage. You need to understand which color is suitable for the main color of the pictures to make them look like a real photo paper from the 70s back then.

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4. Lowering The Saturation

Old photos tend to have faded colors, unlike digital ones. To get the faded colors, you only need to lower the saturation to decolorize the picture. If you just want to turn the picture to black and white, just simply set the saturation to the lowest point.

5. Adding The Grain

The last thing you can do to make a vintage look picture is by adding the grain. A vintage picture has some grain texture and you can add the grain effect to the picture. Some photo editing software might have a different name such as noise or scratches.

Best Application to Edit The Pictures

There are some applications or software you can use to do photo editing, especially if you want to get a vintage picture. These are the software recommendation from Dropicts:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Canva
  • Instagram Editing Tools

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Now, you can edit any picture to vintage with the tips we give you above. Dropicts also can help you with any photo editing so you can focus on other projects. Contact us now if you need our help with photo editing related.

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