5 Simple Ways for Outdoor Flash Photography

Outdoor Flash Photography

Many photographers have a variety of photographic equipment. They see that all the equipment can help the photography process, including when doing it outdoors. Outdoor photography does provide a different experience. But how to maximize outdoor flash photography?

There are several tips that you can try to get the most out of using flash outdoors. Dropicts has prepared more information below!


Outdoor Flash Photography Ideas

Many photographers feel that there is no need for flash when doing outdoor photography. But if you know how to use it, the photos will be even better. There are several advantages that you can get. How to?


1. Learn to Use Flash

Off-camera flash (OCF) has two components, namely a trigger and a speedlite. You need to learn both components well so that you can use them comfortably. Learning the two components is also faster and easier.

After learning how to use triggers and speedlite in OCF, don’t forget to use them in outdoor photography. You can take it with you so that when additional lighting is needed, the photos will be better.

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2. Don’t be Careless in Using Flash

The main function of the flash is to provide light support for optimal photo results. In addition, flash is also able to help photos look better when there is no good natural light. But if you use flash carelessly, the photos will definitely be worse. It even looks cheap.

You have to try several angles in using the flash outdoor to get the vision you want. Trying several angles is necessary for outdoor photography sessions.


3. Balance Flash and Natural Light

Outdoor photography is sure to get natural light. If you want to add a flash, try to balance the two lights. You must be able to make photos look natural even though you still use flash.

Feel the flash as an ambient light to complement the natural light. But if the natural light is too dark, then use the flash as the main lighting source.

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4. Don’t Hesitate to Use Flash with the Sun

When asked why you have to use a flash when the sun is shining brightly, what would your answer be? You can get dramatic lighting when using flash and sunlight.

Make the sun the background, then give a flashlight to expose the object’s face better. This makes the photo dramatic.


5. Freeze Object

OCF can create cooler photos. For example, by freezing the object but still showing its movement when the photo is finished. When not using a flash, this is quite difficult to do because there is nothing to create focus and illuminate objects well.

The appearance of your photos becomes more artistic, even much different when you don’t use flash. Are you now interested in using a flash in the outdoors?

Those are simple ways for outdoor flash photography that you can use easily. Photography is talking about the right lighting to create the best photos. However, the photo retouching process should also not be forgotten. You can also make photos look professional with the help of Dropicts which provides professional photo retouching services support. Dropicts is here for you with services for professional products and businesses. Call us right now!

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