Product Photography at Home DIY for Beginners

Product Photography at Home for Beginners

Unable to book a studio for product photography? Or perhaps you’re starting a new business from home and have to do product photography at home? Product photography is an essential part of the business. Producing the best photos is possible to market your products and attract more customers. If you are a beginner, let’s take a look at these simple steps of product photography at home.


Use a Tripod to Stabilize Your Camera

Don’t dismiss the power of having a tripod for your product photography at home. Whether you are using a DSLR professional camera or a smartphone, you should always use a tripod to ensure that the photos you shot are consistent, stable, and crystal clear. Tripod will transform ordinary photos into more professional-looking photos. 


There are different types, shapes, and functions of tripods. For DSLR cameras, we recommend using a more traditional tripod that can be elongated up to 5 feet high, perfect for shooting a rather tall and big product. However, you can also use the flexible tripod which allows you to explore the many angles of product photography at home. If you plan on using a smartphone, you can use both of these tripods with the help of a mobile grip.


Make Use of Proper Lighting

For product photography at home, you have two options for lighting: natural and artificial. One is not better than the other. What you choose depends on what kind of concept that you are trying to achieve. 


Natural lighting is best for products like clothing, food, and concepts that feature models. This will give a softer touch to your product photos. To achieve the best natural lighting, you should start taking photos one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset, or otherwise known as the golden hour. 


Artificial lighting is the perfect choice to highlight products that have miniscule details, like jewelries, watches, etc. To use artificial lighting, however, you need the proper tools like fill light, bounce card, or light box. 


Don’t Crowd the Sets

Sometimes you may think “something is missing” or “it’s too empty” as you are doing product photography at home. But believe it or not, the simpler the better. What you need to remember is that the photo is used to sell the product, so the product must be the highlight, the main star. Other props, if you use any, are only to define the beauty and details of the product. 


Make sure that the props have the same color scheme as your product and overall sets, and serve their own purposes. For example, flower props will ruin the product photo for a luxury watch, but flower pops can work for a luxury watch that has painted flowers on it.

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Take a Variety of Photos

Creativity strikes at the most unexpected moments and this is also applicable when you are doing product photography at home. Shooting the product in only one or two angles isn’t going to cut it. You need to capture the many details of that product and the way to do it is by changing up the angles. 


Sometimes you may have this perfect idea of concept and photo angle that you’re so sure of. But during editing, it dawns on you that this angle may not be that great. To save you from this regret, play around with angles during product photography at home. Shoot from above, sideways, close-ups, zoomed out, etc. That way, you have more options and clients can use multiple shots at once to further market their product. 


Enhance Your photos with editing

With just simple tweaks here and there, your photos can turn from ordinary to expensive-looking, from drab to fab. However, try not to go overboard with editing as it can make your photos look weird and unusable for any marketing purposes. Now, you don’t need to tire yourself out trying to edit your photos as you can use product image editing services that will do all of the post-production process. 

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