Photographing Glass: 6 Tricks That Will Help You

Photographing glass may be the single, most difficult task for any photographers, even the professional ones. It requires extensive care in terms of product positioning, lighting, and editing. The goal is to capture the glass object, in this case a glass product, without capturing the reflections.

Cleaning the surface or clean the glasses before photographing glass objects is not enough. Photographing reflective objects is tricky enough. Coupled with adding a transparent glass object. You should follow these photographing tricks to completely eliminate any reflections or glares. This some tips to photograph a glass on both white and black backgrounds with simple techniques and simple lighting setup.

What Is The Best Way to Photograph Glass?

This kind of photography is not an easy one. You will deal with a lot of glares and unwanted reflection. So, we will share some tips for your glass photography session. Maybe with these tips, you can create banger glass pictures or images.

1. Use Backlight for Photograph Glass

The main problem when you try to photograph glass is reflection. Most times, products like glasses, watches, vases, glassware, perfume bottles, wine glass, wine bottle, and other glass objects or material will result in unwanted reflections and glares that can distract viewers from the beauty of the products.

To avoid this you can use one of the lighting techniques, opt for a backlight approach. This method will also make the liquid content inside the glass more crystal clear. You don’t need high-end equipment or fancy settings to use the backlight method for your lighting setups, just take a white paper and press it into the speedlights. Choose a white background if you use a softbox or a light tent when you try to photograph a glass object.

2. Post Production Editing is Important

Post production is an important part of the photography process. In this process, you will generally use an image editing application to make sure that the final image will be what you want it to be.

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There’s no denying that most times you see smudges, dust specks, or small reflections on the photos after you wrapped up the shooting process. In glass photography, the editing process is highly important. It’s possible that you still see flaws in the product even after following the tricks above. Perhaps you see a dust speck, fingerprints, or spots on the background. All of these can be retouched professionally in order to perfect the end results for your product photography like photographing glassware.

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3. Fake a Reflection

Photographers usually put the glass object on a glass surface or transparent plastic one to add a symmetrical “shadow” when photographing glass objects. This will result in a very attractive glass product photo, but to say that this method is hard to achieve is an understatement.

For this method, you have to make sure that the surface is dust-free and smudge-free, another glass-related problem that you should keep in mind. However, there is an easy alternative to this. You can stack the glass product upside down to achieve the same result. Just make sure that you use an identical product to successfully pull this fake reflection photography stunt.

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4. Black and White Backgrounds

If you are used to photographing glass in white background, why not try a different approach? Sure, the white background creates a cleaner, pristine effect on the glass product photo, but it highlights the many imperfections on the glass surface. By using a black background behind the glass, can gives off a classier, more elegant look on the glass product.

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Still using the backlight technique, you can use black paper as the background, which doesn’t reflect light. You can easily find this paper in the art supply store. To add more dimensions, you should add two more studio lights in your lighting setup, one on the left side, and the other one on the right side.

This results in a beautiful white glowing outline on the sides of the glass product. You can also use the two or more than one light source trick on any background color. The black paper or board can also be placed on the sides of the glass product to add more definitions to your product photography. You will see the differences between using black and white background.

5. Use Long Focal Length

Another list in glass photography tips is with the camera settings, you can use a different focal length, especially the 105 mm camera lens. With this kind of focal length, you can stay more further from the scene. Minimizes the chance of getting your own reflection on the glass object. You can use a smaller background because long focal lengths can compress the space that makes the camera sees less space behind the object.

6. Use Hard Light Creatively

In product photography, you generally need soft light to make glass objects appear clearer and less shaded.

However, for other types of photography, especially those that place a strong emphasis on creativity and personal style like editorials, you shouldn’t be afraid to step outside of best practices.

For example in food photography, you can use the shadows produced by the reflection of the glass to make the image more interesting. For example, you can fill a glass with a colored liquid which will then produce a colored shadow as well.

To be able to take advantage of a hard light, you must know the basic principles. The most important thing you have to understand is that the closer the light source is to the glass, the bigger the shadow will be.

Then, from the angle of placement of the light sources, the lower the angle of the incoming light, the longer the shadow produced.

Those are the tips for photographing glass objects that you can apply. Taking pictures of glass objects will require you to learn to master lighting in photography well. In addition, you also have to understand how to edit images well so that you can produce images the way you want.

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