5 Best Social Media for Photographers

Smartphone With The Instagram Logo One of The Social Media for Photographers

Social media for photographers is pretty much available today. Social media isn’t just for people looking for news, entertainment, and new friends. Social media can also be a space for photographers to meet potential clients and build the business itself. So, what social media are suitable for photographers?



Who doesn’t play Instagram? You could say, Instagram is a must-have social media for photographers. Instagram has become a social media that presents the visual side optimally because you can easily upload photos and videos here. With a large and growing number of users, your photos will be more easily found and recognized. This is why Instagram is one of the best apps for photographers.

By continuing to upload your best photos, you can be sure that the number of followers will be even greater. Don’t forget to continue to be creative by creating unique and interesting posts. The more quality and attractive it is, it’s just a matter of time before your name becomes famous.

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Behance is a platform that is owned by Adobe and used to host online portfolios. You can upload various photo portfolios that have been made so far. Each user can A with you and your content.

Behance is known as Linkedin for creative industry workers. But what’s different is that Behance’s focus is on graphics and photography. Social media is also often used as a source to find photographers by clients. So, playing Behance can make it easier for you to get offers from potential clients. Interesting right?



In terms of popularity, maybe Pinterest is not used very often by photographers. But this social media offers a difference, namely backlinks. You can get potential clients thanks to backlinks from other Pinterest users.

So, when those users gather inspiration from various photos and images on Pinterest, including your work, clients can see the source of these photos directly. The result is that clients can quickly figure out what your work is right for them.

Pinterest is often used for wedding and event photographers to present their best work. People who need wedding and event photographer services often search on Pinterest too. Therefore, don’t look at this opportunity by playing Pinterest right now!



Facebook remains a social media that should be maximized because there is a Facebook page feature that is very good as a profile for your photography business. The Facebook page is not very high, but it is easier to find on Google Search.

Also, people who don’t play any other social media on this list must have a Facebook account. So, your chances of getting exposure from various circles are even greater. So, don’t forget to keep getting the most of Facebook.



Flickr has proven relevant to remain the social media for photographers. Even Flickr existed before the era of social media. Born in 2004, Flickr is still worthy of being your place to collect all your photography works online. Even for the free version, you can store 1,000 photos. Photo resolution remains high (up to 5K) and is still free to use. This is what other social media cannot offer.


Optimize all of Social Media for Photographers

The functions of each social media for photographers above are indeed different, but they are very useful for where you are promoting and doing business. Being busy in the photography business sometimes makes you need help from other professionals, especially retouching and image editing. That’s why Dropicts is an answer to offer professional photo retouching services that you can choose right now!

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