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5 Best Social Media for Photographers to Showcase Your Skills | Dropicts

5 Best Social Media for Photographers to Showcase Your Skills

Smartphone With The Instagram Logo One of The Social Media for Photographers

Social media for photographers is pretty much available today. It isn’t just for people looking for news, entertainment, and new friends. Social media can also be a space for photographers to meet potential clients and build the business itself. So, what social media are suitable for photographers?

Social Media Platforms for Photography Business

1. Instagram

First on the best social media platform for photographer is Instagram. Frankly speaking, Instagram is a must-have social media platform for a photographer. The power of Instagram as a social media network lies in the visual side. It is a strong marketing tool if you are heavily dependent on image and video.

As a social platforms, Instagram is dominated by visual; both pictures and videos. You can even utilize it as a photography portfolio due the way how Instagram arrange your feed nicely. Instagram also comes with a professional or business account which can help you land more professional gig opportunities,.

With ever growing number of its users, Instagram is perhaps one of the best photography networking sites in this list. If you have some money to spare, you can always promote your post to reach out more people and attracts more potential clients, such as by opening and promoting your own photography workshops.

If you truly want to optimize this platform, then it is a good idea to learn more about social media marketing, such as how to create a good content and how to write catchy caption.

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2. Behance

Imagine LinkedIn but for creative industry workers and you will get Behance. It is perhaps one of the largest social media sites for creative workers. Of course, it is wih a good reason. Behance is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud, a software which is widely used by creative workers.

It is part social media platform and part online portfolio. If you often rely on Adobe products to enhance your image, then joining Behance can be an great way to gain more exposure. Compared to other social media platforms, it is probably easier to find other professional photographers on this social media.

Due to the Adobe brand, it is also relatively easier for you to land a potential clients, especially from the corporate side, in this social media platform.

3. Pinterest

One can say that Pinterest is born as a social media platform for photography. Pinterest is truly about social media photography. It combines mix-and-match with photography. It is the best place to introduce an idea or telling a story through an image or combination of image, which can be used to describe your job as a photographer.

Different from most other social media sites on this list, Pinterest allows you to label or categorize your images. This feature will be very helpful if you are working with lots of different niches.

Another distinctive feature of Pinterest is repinning. It is an act of saving one’s board (or an image or collection of image) to another’s board. This feature can help you to spread your works while still showing your credits. It is different from a repost, where someone can simply post your image without crediting you. With the right social media strategy, you can easily spread your work and attract potential clients.

Pinterest is often used for wedding and event photographers to present their best work. People who need wedding and event photographer services often search on Pinterest too. Therefore, don’t look at this opportunity by playing Pinterest right now!

4. Facebook

Now, some people might think that Facebook is not really suitable for a photographer due to the format of its social media posts. However, one must understand that Facebook is still one of the biggest social media platforms. There are billions of people using it and the number is still growing. Simply put, it is a valuable marketing tool that must be utilized.

There are no harms in having many social media accounts. Sure, you need to prioritize. However, you still need to cast a wide net if you are starting and attract all the potential clients that you can get.

5. Flickr

Flickr has proven relevant to remain the social media for photographers. Even Flickr existed before the era of social media. Born in 2004, Flickr is still worthy of being your place to collect all your photography works online. Even for the free version, you can store 1,000 photos. Photo resolution remains high (up to 5K) and is still free to use. This is what other social media cannot offer.

Optimize all of Social Media for Photographers

Those are some of the best social media platforms for photographers. The functions of each social media platforms for photographers above are indeed different. However, they can be an invaluable marketing tools that can help your promote and conduct business.

Being busy in the photography business sometimes makes you need help from other professionals, especially retouching and image editing. That’s why Dropicts is an answer to offer professional photo retouching services that you can choose right now!

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