Cool Photo Edits Ideas and Best Example for You

Cool Photo Edits Ideas & Best Example for You

A photo is a powerful media to market your products or services, especially nowadays where people spend hours scrolling their Instagram or other social media platforms. This is a golden momentum for your brands (or your self-branding) to really attract as many followers as possible. This can be easily achieved. It’s simple and effective, let’s look at these cool photo edits ideas and some examples that you can try out.


Photo Collage

Have you ever missed the collage trend that was so popular in the 2000s? Well, now that the 2000s era is making a comeback, so is the photo collage trend. The good thing about this is, that you are able to showcase multiple photos in one single post. 

There are many ways that you can implement, you can make it sleek or magazine-esque, or you can try to make the collage has a polaroid effect. For example, you can check out @khaite_ny on Instagram, a fashion brand that particularly masters the collage photo ideas.


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Retro Vibe

Blurry and grainy, these two cool ideas are combined into one specific trend. Yes, the retro vibe has become a staple in many fashion spreads, including the Instagram influencers. You can use Adobe Lightroom, or any image editing software, to enhance the graininess of your photo and add more texture to it. Several notable fashion brands like Aritzia (@aritzia) and Amina Muaddi (@aminamuaddi) have garnered lots of attention from these cool photo edits ideas!


Bright and Messy

What about the food creative photography trend? It used to be populated with meticulously placed plates, food, and drinks. Now, it’s all about creating an atmosphere by capturing bright and messy food. Think about the bright yellow of egg yolk or the vibrant red of chili sauce. These are the cool photo that you must incorporate into your photos. 

The goal is to make the food look as appetizing as possible. To achieve this goal, launch your editing software and increase the contrast and saturation of the photo. It will create a vivid and sharp look to your food creative photography. Even better, these can be applied to any type of your creative photography!

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Monochrome Look

Don’t you agree that it’s so pleasing to see a photo with one color palette? This is what the monochrome look is all about. It’s a dramatic, intense, and straightforward trend that will immediately capture the attention of audiences. For example, you can pick a pink background and a pink stool to showcase a pink handbag. 

To make it more interesting, use the photo edits of removing spots, increasing saturation, or recoloring the whole photo with Illustrator. Head to @cmeocollective on Instagram to see an example of a monochrome look.


No-edit Trend

Imperfections are beautiful, if done correctly. Similar to the retro vibe, the highlight of this, is texture. Instead of using a plain backdrop, try to capture your product image in a day-to-day backdrop, like on the street, a wood floor with plants around it, in a messy bedroom, etc. 

This trend has been adopted by almost all brands since audiences tend to be attracted to photos that they can relate to, but still aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, you shouldn’t abandon the editing process. You still need to retouch the photos by removing any dirt or imperfection on and around the product. Play around with filters, temperature, brightness, and contrast to achieve a natural tone. 


Interested to try these 5 cool photo edits ideas? Make sure that you have the right equipment and photo editing software to help you. If you don’t want to splurge on expensive equipment and software, you can always count on the product image editing services by Dropicts! It’s an end-to-end solution for all your product image needs.

We are very happy be able to help you enhance your product image for your e-commerce site. We would like to see your e-commerce store looks beautiful and professional. For more product image optimization be sure to follow us and stay tuned to our latest article.