Get to Know Masking Photoshop Feature System

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Masking Photoshop feature information is one of the interesting things that you must understand because it is very useful for use in the process of manipulating photos or images. This feature has been available in Adobe Photoshop for quite some time and remains relevant for us today. Come on, get acquainted with the masking feature!


How Layer Masks Work in Photoshop

As the name implies, masking is a feature used to manipulate images with a function like a “mask”. The purpose of the mask here is to change the appearance or visual of an object in an image, but the result remains intact as if nothing has been changed.

This masking is useful for hiding part of the object, but the object is still intact in the image. So some of the images are deleted, but they can still be restored by reversing the color from the foreground color to the background color.

This masking system in Adobe Photoshop is very often used for various images. One of them is a movie poster. Why do movie posters use this feature so often? The main reason is that in a movie poster, there are so many elements. From background images, people, buildings, and others. However, to become a complete image that looks charming and attracts attention, this masking system is needed so that the manipulation results can be maximized.

For more details about the masking feature system, let’s jump right into the practical explanation.

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Masking Photoshop Step by Step

There are several steps to achieving great masking results in Adobe Photoshop. Starting from:

  1. To start the masking process, you must first bring up the Layer Mask. You do this by going to the Layers Panel> Click the Layer Mask> Reveal All. If you have done this, a Layer Mask will appear on the layer of your image or main object.
  2. The Layer Mask that appears will be white on the side of the image screen. This is what will make the masking process faster and easier. The Layer Mask will also show you which parts of the object you will manipulate. This information is very important so that the results of using masking run optimally so that the image manipulation is getting better.
  3. Now you can go straight to the next step, which is looking at the foreground and background color. You have to make sure that the colors of both are black and white. It is up to you to use black and white in the foreground or background because what matters is that both colors are used.
  4. To get maximum results, it is better if the foreground color is black because the background color is white, according to the color on the Layer Mask.
  5. Then you can go to the last step, which is using the Brush Tool. You only need to choose how big the Brush Tool to use, then just start doing the brushing process on the part of the image you want to erase. Change the color of the foreground and background color to give a new color to the deleted part. Now, the masking process is complete. Easy, right?

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