8 Tips How to Look Good in Photos Easily

8 Tips How to Look Good in Photos Easily | Dropicts

How photogenic you are will be able to determine whether your photos turn out to be good or not. Those of you who often experience things like this, don’t need to be confused, this condition can be overcome with a few tricks on how to look good in photos.


How to Look Good in Photos

To be able to look good in photos, there are several ways you can do. These methods are not too difficult. As long as you get it right, your photos will look even more attractive. Follow these tips below.

1. Get Used to Taking Photos First

Taking your first photoshoot can be awkward, you have to strike a pose and feel yourself when people are watching. If you’re just getting started, gaining confidence and really owning a shoot can be hard with a ton of people watching you. Once you get a few shoots under your belt, you start to get a feel for what works for you and confidence will start to grow organically. From there, it gets easier.


2. Move Around

Make sure, when in front of the camera, you are not too tense or even stiff. To fix it, try to move around in a way, when you feel happy try to express it with some movement, it will look beautiful when photographed.


3. Show Left Side of Face

Did you know, showing the left side of the face when being photographed can make your photo look more attractive. So when being photographed there is nothing wrong with glancing slightly to the left, or deliberately exposing the left side of your face. You can make your photos nicer and appear photogenic.


4. Make Your Body Looks Proportional

A good way of taking photos with the results looking proportional, is by taking a photo of the whole body  from a lower side angle. Make sure the whole body fits into the photo frame, place 1 foot in front of the other when the photo is taken, it can make the legs look longer, choose pants with a higher waist cut, and take long steps when taking photos just like a person walking.

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5. Facial Expressions 

When in front of the camera, it’s best to laugh or smile, position the tongue behind the teeth. Gaze into the lens, and begin to show various expressions. This technique is suitable to use for a “candid” photo, and not a “cheese” photo. A good photo certainly requires a good expression.


6. Eye

The most important thing in the photo session is the eyes. Focus your eyes in front of the camera, even though this is indeed difficult. Bring your eyes to life, for example by talking to the photographer, closing them and opening them again, or staring out the window.


7. Use a Prop

You can try holding onto something or props so you will not look too tense. Like holding a pair of shoes, reading a book, and lifting up your jacket,. The props will help you to learn how to take great photos more quickly.


8. Hand Position

Pay attention to the position of the hands. When taking pictures, don’t let your hands stand still, play, and move beautifully. For example, by placing your hands on your shoulders, placing your hands on your chin, or other positions. The hand position helps you to look good in photos.

With all of these tips, you can obviously look good in photos. You can also try to touch-up all of your photos, try professional product image editing services Dropicts. We are ready to help you to fix and improve your photos. Just go to our website for more information.

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