15 Tips How to Look Good in Photos Easily

8 Tips How to Look Good in Photos Easily | Dropicts

Many people think that in order to look good in picture, you need to be good looking. However, that is far from true. Almost all people who looks good in picture knows how to do it. The good news is that you can also learn how to look good in photos.

You can also be photogenic and have fun when taking your own pictures. Here are several tips that can help you to look better in photos.


How to Look Good in Photos

To be able to look good in photos, there are several ways you can do. These methods are not too difficult. As long as you get it right, your photos will look even more attractive. Follow these tips below.


1. Get Used to Taking Photos First

Taking your first photo shoot can be awkward, you have to strike a pose and feel yourself when people are watching. If you’re just getting started, gaining confidence and really owning a shoot can be hard with a ton of people watching you. Once you get a few shoots under your belt, you start to get a feel for what works for you and confidence will start to grow organically. From there, it gets easier.


2. Move Around

Make sure, when in front of the camera, you are not too tense or even stiff. To fix it, try to move around in a way, when you feel happy try to express it with some movement, it will look beautiful when photographed.


3. Show Left Side of Face

Did you know, showing the left side of the face when being photographed can make your photo look more attractive. So when being photographed there is nothing wrong with glancing slightly to the left, or deliberately exposing the left side of your face. You can make your photos nicer and appear photogenic.


4. Make Your Body Looks Proportional

A good way of taking photos with the results looking proportional, is by taking a photo of the whole body  from a lower side angle. Make sure the whole body fits into the photo frame, place 1 foot in front of the other when the photo is taken, it can make the legs look longer, choose pants with a higher waist cut, and take long steps when taking photos just like a person walking.

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5. Facial Expressions 

Facial expression is the focal point of the picture. To look good in pictures, you need to make it right. When in front of the camera, it’s best to laugh or smile, position the tongue behind the teeth. Gaze into the lens, and begin to show various expressions. This technique is suitable to use for a “candid” photo, and not a “cheese” photo. A good photo certainly requires a good expression.

Try to control your facial expression. A wide grin in candid photo can be good, but wide grin that you do consciously can often be a just too wide grin. Try to find the best features that can be highlighted and show them off to catch people’s attention.


6. Eye

The most important thing in the photo session is the eyes. Focus your eyes in front of the camera, even though this is indeed difficult. Bring your eyes to life, for example by talking to the photographer, closing them and opening them again, or staring out the window.


7. Use a Prop

You can try holding onto something or props so you will not look too tense. Like holding a pair of shoes, reading a book, and lifting up your jacket,. The props will help you to learn how to take great photos more quickly.


8. Hand Position

Pay attention to the position of the hands. When taking pictures, don’t let your hands stand still, play, and move beautifully. For example, by placing your hands on your shoulders, placing your hands on your chin, or other positions. The hand position helps you to look good in photos.


9. Get the right makeup

The flash and lenses can make you look different than it is in real life. As cameras take a two-dimensional image you should use proper makeup. In fact, flashes and lenses may cause subjects to look washed out and have facial features diminished making extra makeup needed. You have good make up and can get very good photo prints with that perfect application.


10. Be Wary of The Lighting

When shooting indoors, it is easy to see the light source and adjust your position. However, outdoor photo shoot poses a challenge. Sure, you can choose the location yourself, however, you need to make sure a location that provides the best lighting possible. A good lighting in outdoor photo shoot can make all the difference.

Try as many as different locations that you can find. Once you find it, make sure to not stand directly under the light source. Why? Because standing directly under a light source can cast a awkward shadows on parts of your body. Bright lighting is essential to look good in pictures, but to much light is also not good. It is better to have a little of cloud coverage when shooting outdoor to protect you from sun.

It is also a good idea to invest in a proper lighting equipment. For example, you can find an artificial source of light that can provide you with soft light without using flash. With the right lighting, it is always possible to create and recreate the right picture.


10. Talk to The Photographer

A perfect shot is created through the combination of the photographer and the subject. You can be the best possible subject, but if you do not understand or even know what the photographer wants from you then you will never capture that perfect shot.

Don’t be afraid to talk to the photographer who takes your photo. Just because photographer suggested a pose, it does not mean it works for you. Communicate your best angle and pose to the photographer can help both of you to work together better. Don’t be shy to ask the photographer to adjust the camera angle to suit yourself better.One thing that you need to remember is that you are the one that know your body best. You are the one who know how make you look good in pictures. If you feel a pose or angle is awkward for you, then there is a high chance that it will not make you look good in picture. Work together with your photographer to capture that great photo.


11. Have A Good Mindset

What brings the best out of someone? The answer is the mindset. If you want to produce the best smile, strike the best pose, and take a perfect picture, then you need to believe in yourself that you can do it all.

It can be hard, sure. Telling yourself that you are the best will not always work and that is the point: it is a process. Having a great mindset is a process. Similar to practicing smiling, you need to practice your mindset. Whenever you are in doubt, try to feel confident. Once you make it your habit, feeling confident will become natural thing for you.

Feel proud about who you are and what you wear. Your positive mindset will shine through to the pictures you take. To get better results, try to have a little session before photo shoot where you gather your thoughts. Do not forget to take a deep breath before the photo shoot starts to relax your mind.


12. Wear A Clothes That Makes You Feel Confident

To look good in pictures, you need to make sure that you feel confident. One way to feel confident is to wear clothes that brings the best in in you. Find and wear the clothes that suits your body type.

Always plan your wardrobe before the photo shoot session. Make sure to have more than one combination so you always have options on the spot. Feeling clothes that makes you comfortable is crucial if you want to take good photos.

Try to pose differently in front of mirror with different clothes. If you are really confident with the clothes you choose, you can feel safe and comfortable when the photo shoot starts.


13. Study Photos of Yourself

The most important way in which you should see how you look from a photograph is to get your perception to a certain extent. Take old photographic files you like and dislike and review. Study your own positions and try to see where the movement suits your body. So start making certain these angles/postures will become permanent. Try to find what looks the most fitting for you and what does not work for you.

There lots of benefits that you can get by studying photos of yourself. For example, you might noticed the best features of your face, such having a completely symmetrical face. You might also find the best angles that works for you. You can also find all sort of different poses in many kind of situation that suits you well. In short, studying your photos can help you find the best of you and improve them to create a perfect photos of you.

Also, from this study, you might be able to find ways on how to avoid mistakes. For example, you can find the best pose to avoid double chin mistakes. You can also find the right makeup for you in different situations and adjust them accordingly when the next photo shoot session comes.


14. Take Multiple Photos

Taking multiple photos is one of the great tips that most people forgot when taking a picture. Perfection does not come instantly. You need to recreate the same picture many times before the right one come. Maybe slightly turning your head is better, or maybe you need to move your back leg a little bit to look good in picture. Also do not forget trying as many as different positions before settle into one.


15. Practice Makes Perfect

Looking good in picture is an art, and you to practice it regularly to make it natural to you. You might have heard ‘just smile naturally’ when asking for tips on how to look good on picture. However, a good smile is not really natural for some people. You need to actually practising smile to make a good smile as your natural smile.

In short, practice makes perfect. Whenever you are practising, start testing the different angles and poses you like of previous photographs. Ask yourself if you look good when you have your mouth open or close. Then choose your best smile and stick with them for any new photographs.

Make sure you have a good feel for any images you like so you can recreate them without the need for a mirror. Try different versions as soon as you found out you had the right photo and smile.

With all of these tips, you can obviously look good in photos. You can also try to touch-up all of your photos, try professional product image editing services Dropicts. We are ready to help you to fix and improve your photos. Just go to our website for more information.

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