How To Make A Successful Easter Baby Boy Photoshoot With Ideas And Props You Can Use

easter baby boy photoshoot ideas

Baby is a precious gift that a parent can have. All the moments that the baby passes for the first time definitely want to be immortalized. Maybe you’ve done a photoshoot at Christmas and are looking for ideas for an Easter-themed cute photoshoot. Then let’s get started! Here we have some easter baby boy photoshoot ideas that you can try at home. In addition, we will tell you what props are needed to do a photoshoot. Finally, you need tips and tricks to run the photoshoots successfully.

7 Creative Easter Baby Boy Photoshoot Ideas

Easter is a time when the whole family can gather together. The entire family should celebrate together, and of course, your little one will be the center of the most attention. All the little moments of growth are precious and should not pass you by. Looking for easter photoshoot ideas? You can try to save these memories by doing some of these easter picture ideas: 

1. Easter Bunny

The baby’s hobby is sleeping. But this should not be a reason for you to stop shooting. This is precisely the perfect time to shoot because they will not feel disturbed and it will be cute easter photos. Make your baby boy the main role in this photoshoot. You can dress your baby boy in a bunny jumpsuit or give him a bunny ears hat to make him look cute. Finding a bunny costume for your baby is not difficult. There are many bunny costumes with various attractive designs.

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2. Baby in Easter Basket

While they are asleep, you can change positions and places for the next shoot. You can use a basket and make it a comfortable place for your baby. For safety reasons, you can use a wooden basket with a strong frame. Don’t forget to provide additional decorations such as decorative eggs or easter chicks to express the easter theme.

3. Photoshoot with Bunny Friend

Easter photo idea can be expressed by getting your baby picture with a stuffed bunny. You can put several stuffed bunnies at once to make these easter baby photoshoot look lively. You can even have a real bunny nearby to make the pictures you capture more alive and it will be fun memories for your little baby. 

If you are someone who loves to bake and cook, you can use chocolate bunny as a substitute for stuffed bunny. Use multiple angles to photograph your baby, but make sure that the stuffed bunny is not the main character in the shoot.

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4. Easter Present

Boys like to play with toys such as toy cars, robots, and other characters. You can use their toys as one of the themes. It will help you make the photoshoot fun not just for you but for your little baby. You can also use easter-themed gifts to make the easter atmosphere even more pronounced.

5. Eggs All-Around

In celebrating easter, you should not miss easter eggs. Just put the eggs around your baby and capture the moment. You can use plastic eggs, chocolate eggs, or boiled eggs. It would be fine if there’s a cracked egg or two, it can be used as “perfection in imperfection”. 

Paint all of them so they become fun and colorful eggs to make them more eye-pleasing decoration. Decorate all of the eggs to boost the cute easter vibe for the photoshoot. Just make sure your baby is the focus of the photoshoot, not the eggs.

6. Warm Eggs

Positioning your baby in a cracked easter eggshell is also interesting. Add tumblr lights to give a warm impression in the photos. You can play with various angles of the tumblr light to make each photo more meaningful. 

7. Grab the Carrot

We know that rabbit food is carrots. Putting the carrot doll in the baby’s hand as if he was holding it will be a great idea! Also, put some other stuffed carrots nearby as additional decorations.

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9 Props For Your Newborn Easter Photoshoot

DIY photoshoot is all about preparing the props for your newborn baby. Props will make your photos look great, but you have to make sure all the props are safe for the little one. Some of the props that we will explain below are important to provide so that the shooting runs smoothly. Without further ado, here are the easter props you need: 

  1. Use a woven easter basket that is suitable and comfortable for your baby.
  2. Wooden crate. A crate that is low to the ground and well-built will hold the baby steadily. 
  3. Colorful easter eggs for fun and cute easter props.
  4. Use easter clothes such as bunny ears, hat, and costume.
  5. Some cute stuffed animals to accompany your little one, such as bunny, carrot, bear, etc. 
  6. A bean bag and soft blanket will also be needed for making a perfect position. The blanket will be used to cover the bean bag and make it comfortable for the baby. The flexibility of the bean bag will help support the baby. Besides that, the bean bag is cozy and safe for the baby during the photoshoot. 
  7. Multiple color backdrops will add many perspectives to the photos, such as white sheet, black, brown, dark blue, etc. It can be placed before a blank wall or wall with motives.
  8. You will need some lighting to make your photos outstanding. 
  9. Camera. You can use whatever camera you own. Even your cell phone camera will be good enough. 

How to Have a Successful Baby Easter Photoshoot?

Photo shooting with your newborn baby can be difficult, but you can have successful easter pictures with good preparation. We gather some information on what you should focus on when photo shooting with your baby. Here are four points to remember: 

1. Stay Close to The Ground

Building all the sets on the floor would be best to do. When using props, try to stay as close to the ground as possible. Why? It will be safer for the baby when he starts to move or roll. It could minimize the risk of falls or hurt. 

2. Make Sure All Props Are Sturdy

Once again, for safety reasons, make sure all props that hold the baby are sturdy. Prop like bean bags could be dangerous, so make sure to shape the bean bag that perfectly fits the baby. The baby should be positioned at the center of the bean bag so the baby does not fall. Using a basket and crate could be the best to hold the baby steadily.

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3. Keep The Baby Safe and Comfortable

The thing to remember is that all sessions should be comfortable for the baby. How to make the baby comfortable? Glad you asked! These are some things to do:

  • Feed your baby before the shoot takes place.
  • Give your baby a break in between.
  • Babies can catch a cold when he naked, so make sure the temperature is warm enough.
  • Use bigger props than babies to avoid him bending unnaturally.
  • Make sure all blankets and other fabrics you use are supersoft. 

4. Stay Alert

Prepare for the worst. You have to keep a watchful eye around the baby while shooting. Even though all props are made strong enough to hold the baby, we never know what will happen next. When it seems like they are not comfortable, you can immediately adjust the position. 

That’s all from us on easter baby boy photoshoot ideas. We hope you collect all the fun and memorable moments of your baby during this photoshoot. When all the props and tips for a successful shoot are prepared, you are good to go! Need some retouch on brightness or exposure? Want the photos taken to look professional? Dropicts are here for you! We provide multiple professional edits for you to try, contact us here

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