How To Get Easier Photoshoot with Kids

Doing photoshoot with uncooperative model isn’t easy. But if the one that uncooperative is a kid, well… get ready because it’s way harder that you thought. It’s endless amounts of energy that can be challenging.

But we can make sure that your job will finish as good as how you effort it. So, here you go, 5 major tips that you should follow to photographing kids. Let’s get to the list!

1. Get down to their level

Try and take the majority of photos of your child at their eye level. This may mean bending down, or even laying on the floor. If you’re taking picture more than one kid, try and make yourself the same height as the tallest child. It will help you to compose the arrangement of kids size.

2. Don’t stop on the first good picture

Don’t just get your camera out at the big moments. All that they do is surprising. Have it out and shooting during the in-between bits too. You’ll treasure these moments and maybe (if you’re lucky) you’ll get more impressive that you expected or planned.

3. Simple Background

Well, sometimes we’re too excited to give the children dressed colourfully, or have t-shirts with patterns or characters. Try and find a background that’s uncomplicated, and take care to ensure there are no specific too bright object behind the kids. It will help you to embrace the kids aura.

4. Be friendly and make them talk!

Ask them a question and wait until they start answering it before raising the camera to your eye or even take a quick snap of them thinking. You’ll find the cuteness during the convos and you’ll be impressed for what you’ll figure out. When the child is talking or thinking they will forget that they’re now in front of camera, which should allow you to get a natural looking photo… or just one of complete boredom/frustration like the one above!

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