Kids Photoshoot Ideas: How To Get Easier Photoshoot with Kids

Kids Photoshoot Ideas: How To Get Easier Photoshoot with Kids

Doing photo shoots with the uncooperative model isn’t easy. But if the one that uncooperative is a kid, well… get ready because it’s way harder than you thought. Different if we do photography with adults, or maybe we do newborn photography to get baby pictures. For kids photoshoot, it’s endless amounts of energy that can be challenging. But, if you can cope with it, your kid’s photo session can create an amazing picture.


10 Tips For Easier Kids Photo shoot

We know this is not an easy process, but we can make sure that your job will finish as well as how you effort it. So, here you go, 10 major tips that you should follow to do children’s photography. Let’s get to the list!


1. Get Down to Their Level

When you get to do a kids photoshoot, try and take the majority of photos of your child at their eye level. This may mean bending down or even laying on the floor. If you’re taking pictures of more than one kid, try and make yourself the same height as the tallest child. It will help you to compose the arrangement of kids’ sizes.


2. Don’t Stop on the First Good Picture

Don’t just get your camera out at the big moments. All that they do is surprising. Have it out and shooting during the in-between bits too. You’ll treasure these moments and maybe (if you’re lucky) you’ll get more impressive than you expected or planned. Keep the photo shoot going. You can use landscape or portrait photography.


3. Simple Background

little girl drinking juice - kids photoshoot

Well, sometimes we’re too excited to give the children dressed colorfully or have t-shirts or clothes with patterns or characters. You can use indoor photography techniques. By paying attention to lighting, and others. Try and find a place or background that’s uncomplicated, and take care to ensure there is no specific too bright object behind the kids. It will help you to embrace the kids aura together with their fashion.


4. Be Friendly and Make Them Talk!

kids photoshoot - baby photoshoot

Ask them a question and wait until they start answering it before raising the camera to your eye or even take a quick snap of them thinking. You’ll find the cuteness during the convos and you’ll be impressed with what you’ll figure out. When the child is talking or thinking they will forget that they’re now in front of the camera, which should allow you to get a natural-looking photo… or just one of complete boredom/frustration like the one above! You can also have the daddy or mommy to converse with them or doing some activity.


5. Don’t Force Them to Smile

Never force the kids to say “cheers…” or giving them the instructions to smile, a natural smile is a 100% better option. If you try to force them, you will only get a forced smile with lips drawn tightly. And sometimes not smiling, or chic style can also be your photoshoot ideas. Give them a little space and they will give you their heart.


6. Do The Photo Shoot When They Are In A Good Mood

Nothing is more sensitive than children who are sleepy or upset about something. The best option for kids photoshoot is, invite them to take pictures when they have had enough sleep, and are in a good mood because otherwise they will cry and make a fuss, it will ruin the photo session. So you better pay good attention to their mood.

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7. Give Them Some Breaks

Another tip for your kids photoshoot is to give them frequent breaks. Especially in the case of infants and toddlers, this will help them to stay calm and in the mood. And also help in your photoshoot. But when you dealing with a little boy or little girl in school grade, then you can take more pictures.


8. Treat According To Their Age

Maybe speaking in the in cutesy language or babied when you take the photos of babies or the younger kids, but not with the older kids. Treat them with care, but don’t treat them like babies. By doing this you can also save your photoshoot session.


9. Sometimes, Being Silly Is The Way

Well, by acting silly you can gouge their natural smile, you can ask some help from the parents or other family members, or you can be the silly person. If you’re looking for a serious, pensive pose, ask them some silly questions that make them think hard enough to create some serious unique expression. These will make great photography ideas.


10. Kids Like Compliments

Positive feedback is one thing that can give them extra motivation when taking their photos. First, give them a compliment when you meet them, and also when doing the photo shoot. Make sure to give are some specific and relevant compliments. Tell them they have a great dress or their hair-do is cute rather than telling that “you are handsome” or “you are so pretty”.

As the photo shoot goes on, keep compliments the children. You can also ask the family to give them a compliment when they smile nice and big and draw attention to them when they manage to hold some poses. These are your job as a photographer.

Kid photography will need a little bit of experience to handle. Those are the 10 photography tips that we can provide for you when having photoshoot sessions for the little ones. We hope that with these tips your activities will run smoothly. And you can make your kids photography poses incredible. If you have another tip, don’t be shy and share some of it with the others in the comment section below.

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